Burke Deck Renovation

Custom Deck Renovation in Burke VA

A great way to expand your home is by adding a custom built and designed deck. A deck will increase the living area of your property and add a tremendous amount of value – if built correctly. The possibilities of a custom-built deck that has been created and constructed by the professional carpenters of HB Services are endless. We can even add to your existing deck, if more space is what you desire. Our carpenters guarantee superior craftsmanship, durability and beauty. What you thought was just a dream can now be a reality!

Personalized to Your Home & Style

When deciding to add a deck on your Burke VA home, many factors come into play. Your existing structure is a large portion of what will affect the overall look and feel of the newly constructed deck. There are no two homes exactly alike. They all differ in many ways, such as shape, color, square footage and property placement. HB Services feels that the same should be said for each and every deck we create. When our company starts a custom deck project, we take into account your home and its position, as well as any landscaping that is already present.

Our professional designers can guide you towards a deck layout that will complement your entire property, while also giving you the space you desire. We can create a deck design with the perfect elevation for your landscaping, a deck that has one level or multiple levels, a deck shaped like an octagon, square, L or any other ideas that you have in mind. The sky is the limit! And, well, your city’s building codes are too.

Custom Deck Features

Custom Deck Features Whether you want to shine a spot light on your deck, brighten up the area for company, or give you more of a feeling of security, your desires can be fulfilled. We have many types of lighting systems that can be added to your new custom deck. We also can add an enclosure for a bug free zone, or custom built planters or benches. And you choose what type of stairs are featured on your one-of-a-kind deck, from landing to cascading, spiral, double, curved, or you can stick with just a standard stairway. There are many extraordinary luxuries that come with entrusting HB Services to build your residential deck.

Quality Decking Materials

After you pick out the decking material that you want, whether it be a natural wood surface or a low-maintenance, manufactured product, we will find the best quality of that material to ensure that your deck will last for years. Our deck building carpenters pay very close attention to every aspect of the deck building process, from the poured footings to the beams, posts, joists, hardware and everything else. When you call HB Services, you can be sure that we will build a solid addition to your outdoor living space.

If you already have a deck and would like to add on to it, we can make that possible. HB Services can match your existing deck’s surface – if you would like – or use a different material. Whether you are wrapping around a pool, finishing a beautiful, multi-surface design, adding stairs or another level; we can successfully complete your addition project. You are free to be as functional and creative as you would like.

Burke VA Professional Deck Installation Services

All of our home improvement services are unmatched in every aspect; from the beginning estimate, down to the clean-up of the finished project. If you are in need of a professional deck building or other home improvement service, contact HB Services today. You’ll be glad you did!