Centreville Roofing Replacement

Roof Replacement and Repair Services in Centreville Virginia

Your roof has a huge responsibility—it keeps you and your family warm, dry, and safe. The durability of your roof is not something to take lightly. If your roof has leaks, falling shingles, or damaged insulation, it can spell trouble for your home and compromise your family’s safety and comfort, not to mention it can cost a fortune down the line if not remedied.

HB Services has a team of experts who are skilled in roof replacement and repair. We will perform an inspection before we begin and make sure we understand the problem and how to fix it. We provide excellent customer service and are dedicated to fixing your roof as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Shingle Removal and Replacement

Some contractors will apply a second layer of shingles to the damaged ones as a quick-fix, but this can cause more problems for your roof instead of replacing them. For example, other contractors might place a second layer of shingles over rotted plywood, which would result in premature failure of your roof. Two-layer roofs are also prone to leakage in winter and are susceptible to wind damage.

HB Services always removes the old shingles before installing the new roof. This allows us to detect and fix deeper structural problems such as deteriorated plywood before putting down new shingles, and keep your roof functioning for a long time. Before laying down the new shingles, we use a high-performance underlayment. This underlayment is fiberglass reinforced, has more tear resistance, lies flat, and provides more wind resistance.

We use three kinds of shingles together on your roof to ensure its durability:

  • Precut Starter Shingles: Starter shingles seal down shingles at the edge of the roof and provide more wind resistance. We install these shingles on all edges of the roof.
  • Architectural High Definition Shingles: These shingles resist wind better than standard shingles, which helps your roof last longer.
  • Hip & Ridge Shingles: We install Hip and Ridge shingles that have the same color, warranty, and wind resistance as the surrounding shingles.

We also offer cedar shake shingles and metal roofing. Cedar shake is a beautifully designed shingle type that adds elegance to your roof while still being highly durable. We can install metal roofing on your home. Metal roofing is a unique roofing option known for its incredible longevity and durability. We can help determine if cedar shaking or metal roofing is right for you in the early stages of the replacement process.

Ice/Water Shield Installation

HB Services installs waterproof ice/water shield at the roof’s eave edge. Our process of completely removing the old shingles allows the ice/water shield to be applied directly to the wood decking. The underlayment forms a waterproof seal around the nails. Building codes usually require ice/water shields on all eave edges, and the shields must extend at least 2 feet beyond the warm wall. We can install ice shields in all valleys, around chimneys, around pipes, and along walls to best protect your roof from water damage.


HB Services makes sure your roof is well ventilated, often by installing ridge vent, one of the most effective roof ventilation materials.

Drip Edge

Drip Edge protects against wood rot and it can help to keep small animals out of your attic.


We install a variety of flashing to help keep water outside where it belongs and to protect your roof:

  • Counter Flashing: HB Services installs new flashing around your chimney to make sure it’s waterproof.
  • Step Flashing: HB Services installs new flashings by walls to make sure it’s waterproof.
  • Pipe Flashing: we install new pipe flashings to prevent leakage.


Owens Corning: Our Preferred Vendor

We are proud to work with Owens Corning, an excellent roofing materials vendor, to provide our expert roofing repair and installation.

We Go the Extra Mile

At HB, our craftsmen take great care during the roof replacement process to protect you and your home while giving you the results you want. A qualified crew leader will be assigned to your project. This individual will make sure your roof is installed properly, your property is protected, and the mess cleaned up. After the project is complete, Quality Control will inspect your new roof to ensure we have taken all the measures necessary to install the roofing properly.

We handle all the cleanup so you don’t have to. We use a powerful magnet to clean up nails that could be in the lawn or on your driveway. We also use trailers with rubber tires to haul away the debris so that we don’t damage your driveway.

We have proudly served the Centreville VA area for several years. Our passion for beautiful home renovations combined with our professionalism and experience makes us the number one contractor in Centreville. Call us today at (703) 764-0498 to get your roof replacement or repair project started with a free estimate!