2021 Kitchen Renovation Trends

kitchen with granite counter tops and stainless steel dishwasher

Close-knit communities arise from more than big events and a shared location. They start inside of people’s homes when individuals gather with one another. Of course, current circumstances prevent large companies from gathering. But when restrictions are eased, will your kitchen and dining space be ready to entertain guests?


If you want to renovate your kitchen or another part of your home, reach out to HB Home Services. Our team, composed of designers and builders, brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to every project. We offer professional kitchen renovation services as well as bathroom, basement, and garage remodeling. Our quality workmanship comes at affordable rates for homeowners throughout Burke, VA, and Northern Virginia. Plus, our commitment to customer service ensures that we treat our work – and every home – with respect and courtesy.


Below, we outline which renovation ideas we believe will take off in the coming year:

Unique Construction Materials

At the top of every year, design experts forecast which styles and features will catch on. Some even try to pick which trends will become popular kitchen renovations for years to come. But rather than worry about all that, we suggest that you focus on ideas that spark your interest.


First, we suggest that you consider having veined marble countertops installed. Marble is imbued with luxury, and it’s becoming more popular across interior design markets. Marble countertops can make a strong, bold statement alongside metal and wood features.


Also, a subtle-grained and/or pale-toned wood (such as ash) can complement marble or stone countertops. The wood emphasizes the stone’s warmer tones, which further cements the design’s impact. This timber would suit kitchen cabinets and cupboards well.

Color Schemes

In the past, we’ve suggested that painting cabinets is an easy and cost-effective kitchen upgrade. In truth, you can change almost any surface’s color in your kitchen: walls, appliances, countertops, and so on. But we have two particular suggestions for kitchen colors.


The first is called a color pop. This term refers to unexpected paint-pairings on adjacent kitchen surfaces. Now, you must choose colors carefully since some combinations look “off” when put together. Thus, we suggest that you refer to an HB Home Services specialist for guidance.


On the other hand, you might go in the opposite direction and opt for black surfaces. At first, you may think that this color will create a dim, gloomy space. But given ample lighting and proper furnishings, black cabinets and walls make for an elegant and sophisticated kitchen.

Design Features

Finally, we suggest that you analyze how you use your kitchen space and whether you could adopt other features. You may be tempted to start from scratch and create an outdoor kitchen space. However, new elements in your existing kitchen can achieve a whole new look and feel.


If you don’t have a pantry or lack storage space, you could have additional cabinets installed. This will keep groceries and key ingredients organized and nearby. More pantry space especially helps in large families, as everyone knows where to look for specific items.


Also, consider how to streamline your kitchen’s space. We suggest purchasing handleless drawers, which have recessed handles rather than visible ones that stick out. Handleless design helps to establish a sleek look that’s common to modern interior design.

Choose Custom Kitchen Renovation Services Burke, VA!

The design suggestions above may seem like small details that won’t affect your surrounding neighborhood. However, your useful and stylish kitchen can offer space for family and friends to gather and build an amiable community. So make sure that you hire the best help available: HB Home Services. We offer bathroom, basement, porch, and kitchen renovation services – along with much more – to residents of Burke, VA. Call us today at (703) 764-0498 or fill out our online form.