3 Great Ways to Use Your Deck in Winter

Can I Really Use My Deck in the Winter?

Yes, you can use your deck in the winter. While decks are popularly thought of as the summer hangout space, a place for hosting barbecues, swim parties, and birthdays, it is also a great location to gather family and friends this winter. While you might prefer to stay inside and winterize your deck during the winter, you can still enjoy this outdoor territory in the coldest months of the year. If we’ve grabbed your attention but you’re still not convinced, consider these winter deck ideas.

Add a Patio Heater

If the weather outside is frightful, you can still be warm with a patio heather. Serving as the focal point of the deck, it can heat up the deck experience and allow you to enjoy conversations with friends and family. To complete the look, add chairs, a bench, and an umbrella around the perimeter for adequate seating and comfort. As an added benefit, your hot chocolate stays warm, and you can roast s’mores.

Build a Roof

A deck roof contains heat and protects you and your guest from sleet or snow. It also complements a fireplace, allowing for warmer temperatures while outside. If a roof isn’t practical but you have a pergola, simply cover it with a tarp or durable fabric. Another benefit of having a structure covering your deck is that you can use your grill year-round.

Set Up a Hot Tub

Aquatic bliss isn’t just for the summer. Add a hot tub so you can enjoy the beauty of your snow-covered desk without the chills. Properly support the hot tub into the substructure of the deck.

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