3 Reasons to Update Your Basement

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Remodeling your basement can increase the overall value of your home, since you can potentially add a rec room, guest suite, playroom, or an additional living room.  There are numerous remodels you can choose, each with its own set of styles that can add a unique flair to your home’s design. While it is possible to perform a do-it-yourself remodel, hiring a professional is an easier, more efficient, and long-lasting option.


At HB Home Services, we offer masterful design, renovation, and repair services to customers throughout Arlington and the Northern Virginia area. Our craftsmen offer a variety of remodeling projects, from basement repair services to kitchen remodels and more. We aim to guarantee customer satisfaction through our years of experience as seasoned home improvement experts. Below, we provide a few reasons why you may want to undergo a basement renovation: 

1. Increase Your Home’s Value 

Remodeling your basement can greatly increase the value of your home. In the current market, a finished basement will more likely attract potential buyers, as the additional space is an appealing feature. Depending on the type of basement you have, such as a walk-out, garden-level, or non-walkout, the higher the  added value your remodel will provide your home. To ensure that your remodel provides you both the satisfaction of creating a basement design that lasts and fits your exact preferences, work with an experienced contracting service.  

2. Add Extra Storage Space

Another reason to perform a renovation is to add more space to your home and utilize it in functional ways. With the addition of new cabinets, closets, and other storage spaces, you’ll be able to free up more space in other floors of your home, making it look more organized and clean. For example, an extra closet in your basement can be used to store perishable foods or boxes of valuables you’d rather keep in dry and safe areas besides your attic. These and  many more reasons are why you should create additional storage in your home.  

3. Create New Ways to Spend Time & Relax

You can also remodel your basement to simply create a new space for you to work, relax, and spend time with family. Build a home theater for family movie nights, a private office for days when you want to work from home, or a personal gym to stay in shape. A basement remodel doesn’t have to be positive only for the value or organization of your home, but also for you and your family.  

HB Home Services: Excellent Basement Repair Services in Arlington, VA 

There are many reasons why a basement remodeling would be beneficial to any homeowner, but what matter just as much is who you trust to perform it. Our craftsmen at HB Home Services have years of experience in working with clients to maintain, repair, and remodel their homes.If you are looking for a home improvement company that provides outstanding basement repair services, as well as affordable replacement and repair services in Arlington, VA, look no further than HB Home Services. Contact us today at (703) 988-7584 to learn more about our services, and to begin planning your next renovation project.