3 Things to Consider Before Your Bathroom Remodel

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Top Practical Considerations for Bathroom Remodel Projects

There are few things a homeowner can do that will transform the house as much as a bathroom remodel. You can get creative, too; bathrooms can be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Modern bathrooms deliver spa-like surroundings in timeless, calming settings. A budget-friendly home improvement project, bathroom renovation is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of renovation work change your in-home living experience.

First: Plumbing for a Bathroom Renovation

Everyone gets excited about the color scheme, fixtures, and finishes in remodeling projects. However, the behind the scenes work matters just as much. Will you keep the same basic layout, add a private toilet space, or change the sink location? Bathroom fixtures may require extensive plumbing work, especially in older homes that are not up to code.

Second: Don’t Neglect Home Improvement Details

A bathroom experience really comes down to the details. Heated floors, smart toilets, storage, energy efficient and high flow water fixtures, and adequate ventilation all contribute to the bathroom user’s experience. Think about the little day-to-day frustrations that get in the way of a relaxing bath, a moment of peace, or makeup applications. Keep a list of all your current pet peeves and the small details you come across that seem luxurious and worthwhile.

Third: Budget for Unexpected Bathroom Remodel Issues

Contractors can estimate the cost of work and materials, but may run into unexpected problems when demolition begins. Leaks, poor infrastructure, and outdated pipe work can all contribute to unexpected costs and labor. Take your time with any home improvement remodeling project, budget for the unexpected, and don’t cut corners.

With the right support, forethought, and details, your bathroom remodel can deliver an improved experience and increased home value. A bathroom remodeling project can last for a lifetime. Use a bathroom renovation to ease your way into larger projects in the kitchen, basement, or home exterior.