3 Things You Should Know About Gutters

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At the most basic level, gutters provide a measure of protection for your home against water damage. This crucial function should encourage you to study how gutters work, understand their importance, and seek proper installation and maintenance for them. Professional gutter replacement services can help you achieve all these goals.

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Below, we outline what you need to know about gutters:

1. How Gutters Work

The most laudable element of gutters is, perhaps, their simplicity. They function by catching the water that runs down your roof and directing it away from your home. Their design complements the shape of most houses and allows for relatively easy installation and maintenance.

After it reaches your gutters, rainwater is then channeled to your downspouts. These devices extend to the ground and should have downspout extensions to deposit the water away from your home.

2. Why Gutters are Important

Without gutters, rainwater can seep under your roofing and damage its shingles, soffit, and fascia. This damage occurs along the edge of the roof and exposes your home to leaks. Furthermore, repair costs can run high.

Gutters also prevent rainwater from flowing down the side of your house, which can damage your siding and soften the framing materials around windows. This moisture can create condensation on your interior walls as well as encourage mold growth and deterioration.

Your gutters protect your home foundations as well. Without them, rainwater can pool around your foundation, causing erosion and basement damage.

3. Gutter Installation & Maintenance

Gutters require proper installation and maintenance to deliver on their benefits, however. Yet professional gutter installation services can ensure your gutters are properly sized, fastened, and operating.

Moreover, you must perform maintenance on gutters so they can channel water without a hitch. They tend to collect twigs, leaves, and debris, so you should have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. You can also have gutter guards installed, which mitigate debris blockages by keeping out everything besides water.

Professional Gutter Replacement Available in Oakton, VA

Gutter Replacement in Oakton VA

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