4 Deck Ideas to Build for Summer

outside picture of enclose porch with screens and patio furniture

Warm weather has finally arrived to Northern Virginia, and it looks like it is here to stay. Homeowners are gearing up for a variety of summertime projects, such as finally cleaning up their yard and tackling their landscaping, performing exterior home maintenance, and building decks. Decks and patios are especially perfect for summer. Decks provide extra outdoor entertaining space, with plenty of potential for hosting the best pool party or barbecue. Alternatively, decks are great for some outdoor dining space or simply relaxing on a lounge chair and soaking up the sun.

In any case, if you are looking to build a deck for summer, you should start your project now. The home improvement specialists at HB Home Services are deck installation experts. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for how to build your deck this summer:


Attached Deck

Classic and functional, attached decks live up to their name by sitting attached to the home. These decks are typically a raised platform if located on the ground level, or sit on support beams if they are built on an upper level of the home. Although attached decks can also take the shape of the other styles in this list, attached decks are commonly rectangular or square in shape. These decks are customizable, with the ability to be built out of a variety of materials and in the size that works best for your property.


Wrap-Around Deck

Common for architectural styles like farm house or colonial, wrap-around decks are a visually appealing and space-saving option. Homeowners who do not want to take up much of their yard can use a wrap-around deck to save yard space while maximizing total deck square footage. Wrap-around decks are typically built on an upper level of the home, and can commonly provide some shade to a patio or second deck on the ground level. This type of deck installation in Northern Virginia is also perfect for additional dining or lounging space.


L-Shaped Deck

L-shaped decks are very versatile types of Northern Virginia deck installation. The L shape can be arranged in a variety of ways. L-shaped decks can fit nicely into a corner of two exterior walls. Or, one end of the L can jut into the yard and serve as a great platform for a grill, seating, or fire pit. The unique shape of L-decks are not only visually appealing but affordable and customizable.


Deck & Patio Combination

If you’re looking for deck installation in Northern Virginia, consider maximizing your outdoor living space potential with both a deck and patio. If you build on the ground level, a common combination is to build an attached platform deck that leads to a charming stone patio. Your deck can serve as the perfect space for your grill, while your patio contains seating to eat. If you want to make use of multiple levels, build a deck on your second story and a patio on your ground level. The deck will provide comforting shade for the patio, and the combination of the two will give you even more outdoor living space.


Plan Your Deck Installation in Northern Virginia Today!

Summer is quickly approaching, so start your deck installation today to ensure it will be completed with plenty of time to host pool parties and gatherings this season. HB Home Services provides expert deck and porch installation. No matter which style or materials you choose, we can help you create the customized deck that will fit your summertime needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients create the home of their dreams while providing superior customer service at every step of the way.

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