4 Questions to Ask Before Renovating Your Basement

You have many things to consider before renovating your basement, from abstract elements like your renovation goals to nitty-gritty details like obtaining permits. Simply put, home renovations take a lot of work. To keep your project on-budget and on-schedule, work with a professional basement renovation service that has a reputable record and years of experience.


HB Home Services is a top home improvement service company that serves Manassas, VA, and Northern Virginia. Family-owned and knit within our community, we proudly provide clients with kitchen remodeling, roofing replacement, deck construction, and many more services. If you want a basement renovation or another home improvement project, contact HB Home Services and ask how we can help.


Below, we list some important questions that you should answer before your basement renovation project begins:

1) What Is This Basement Renovation For?

First, you must ask: what do you want from your basement’s renovation? Do you want more living space for your family? More storage? Do you want extra square footage for a home office? 


These responses will flesh out the details of your renovation project before you take any substantial action. Moreover, they’ll frame how much work you need to be done, how much the renovation will cost, and much more.


We suggest this question as the first to answer because it encapsulates what we can do for each client who seeks to work with our basement renovation experts. Your response gives us an understanding of your vision, and we can apply our skills to bring it to fruition.

2) Is Renovation Financially Feasible?

You should also ask whether or not you can reasonably afford to renovate your basement. This question works in tandem with your renovation goal, so you should answer both questions together. You have many options to finance a renovation, including a home equity loan or government loans for qualified home renovations.


HB Home Services understands that homeowners may struggle with the price tag of improving their homes. Thus, we offer home improvement financing through GreenSky, a loan program that helps customers afford home renovation services through trusted contractors. 


When you work with us, you receive not only an expertly crafted renovation but also the financial assistance options to make it happen.

3) What Permits Will I Need?

Next, you should ask what permits your county requires for a renovation. Usually, performing a renovation requires several different permits, such as:

  • Building permit
  • Mechanical permit
  • Plumbing permit 
  • Electrical permit (optional)

Additionally, local officials will want to see floor plans, room dimensions, documentation on the intended changes to rooms and their uses, and more. Laypeople often find navigating this process time-consuming and frustrating, but professionals can help. Work with HB Home Services to smooth out the process and make it much less of a hassle.

4) Is My Basement Safe to Renovate?

Finally, you should establish whether or not your basement is safe to renovate. You may need a professional’s opinion in this matter, but safety issues that could prevent a renovation include: 

  • Structural issues, such as bowing walls or damage to the house’s foundation
  • Heavy amounts of water damage
  • Lack of adequate ventilation for safe working conditions
  • Lack of a safety egress (exit) in case of an emergency

To check these points, call the home renovation specialists at HB Home Services. Our technicians can inspect your basement and determine whether it can be safely renovated. They can even suggest solutions to the issues listed above. 

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