4 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Windows and Doors

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Your home’s doors and windows are the essential points of access to both the outside and inside of your home. Taking care of them and ensuring they are always in good condition provides many direct benefits to you, involving both the comfort and efficiency of your home’s internal air. While it may be easy to replace a door or window here and there, replacing several at once with high-quality alternatives should involve an expert home improvement service like HB Home Services.


Our team has provided replacement, renovation, and design services to numerous residents and businesses. These services include basement remodeling, roofing replacements, as well as excellent window and door installation services. With years of experience and knowledge in home improvement, we can help you transform your home through even the simplest of changes.


Below, we provide the reasons why you should replace your home’s doors and windows:

Improved Insulation

Part of what makes windows and doors important is that they are potential apertures in what would otherwise be a structure that is insulated from outdoor air.


Over time, the seals between your doors and windows will degrade. This will allow for heated or cooled air to leak outside and leak in unconditioned air into your home, shifting into an undesired indoor temperature.


By replacing your old doors and windows, you’ll also be replacing the seals, returning your home back to a state of near-total insulation and temperature protection.

Higher Efficiency

In addition to improving your home’s insulation, replacing your doors and windows will also increase your home’s energy efficiency. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, around 25 to 30 percent of our homes’ energy use is due to the heat gain or heat loss from our windows.


In other words, because our windows and doors allow additional outdoor heat into our homes or contain inside heat, we end up relying more and more on our HVAC systems to compensate.


In order to sustain your home’s energy efficiency, consider replacing your older windows and doors with newer replacements with improved seals and energy-efficient features.

Lower Costs

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency by replacing your doors and windows has another added benefit: saving money.


It’s easy to see that by improving energy efficiency in your home means you are using precisely the amount of electricity you need to keep your home’s interior at a comfortable temperature, and no more. By lowering your home’s energy usage, you’re also lowering costs on your monthly energy bills.

HB Home Services: Quality Door Installation Services Oakton, VA

Simple maintenance and replacement can make all the difference for you and your home. While exchanging your current set of windows or doors may not be the first home improvement idea, it is certainly one that is simple and effective. Moreover, purchasing and installing several at once can be quite expensive.


At HB Home Services, we provide high-grade window and door replacements at affordable prices. Additionally, we provide numerous home improvement services, including roofing, interior design and renovation, siding replacement, as well as excellent door installation services. Over many years, we’ve served our customers in Oakton, VA and throughout Northern Virginia, and we’re proud to assist in  upgrading their homes.


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