4 Signs Your Home’s Siding Needs Attention

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Northern Virginia has already had some humid days recently, a sure sign that summer is quickly approaching. Homeowners may be ready to crank up their air conditioning, or try tough out the heat without racking up high energy bills. One unexpected source of heat in your home may be your home’s exterior siding. If your siding has damages or flaws, it may contribute to a hotter home this summer.

Routinely inspecting your home’s siding is a crucial part of being a homeowner. How do you know what to look for, though? How can you be sure it’s time to repair or replace your siding? The siding installation experts at HB Home Services always ensure our clients’ homes are in top condition to keep them comfortable year-round. Here are a few key signs your siding needs a little love:

1. Dull, Faded Color

Every home exterior is susceptible to aging, especially in rough weather like thunderstorms or snow. If your siding is a few years old, it may have faded in spots. Although this is mostly a superficial issue and likely won’t affect your home’s comfort, ensuring your home’s exterior looks the best it can is very important! Faded siding diminishes your home’s beauty and your curb appeal, which especially matters if you plan to sell down the line. This can likely be fixed with a fresh coat of paint, but if paired with other issues on this list, it may be best to replace your siding to ensure both durability and vibrant color.

2. Holes, Rot, and Cracks

If your siding has damages such as holes, chips, or cracks, it may not be as functional as it should be, which can cause big complications. Similarly, rot is a sign that your siding is starting to deteriorate, which will also affect its functionality. These damages leave room for hot air to enter your home, contribute to a higher energy bill, and give a path for insects to get inside. Further, holes, rot, and cracks are unsightly, which compromises your home’s exterior beauty.

3. Bubbles Under Your Siding

Bubbles occur when the siding is not sealed properly and air has found its way in. This may be the result of faulty installation, or long-time exposure to extreme moisture, heat, or humidity. In any case, bubbles are a big sign that your siding isn’t working properly. If you spot bubbles, contact your local siding installation company in Northern Virginia for a replacement.

4. Inexplicably High Energy Bill

Utilities in Northern Virginia can be very expensive, but if you’re facing a high heating and cooling bill, the culprit may not be a faulty air conditioning unit. Your siding can play a large role in your home’s energy efficiency. Damages in your siding allow air to get in, which makes your AC work harder to cool down the house, therefore resulting in higher energy costs.

HB Home Services: Siding Installation in Northern VA

When it comes to your home siding, make sure everything is intact to ensure you stay cool and comfortable all summer long. HB Home Services offers expert siding installation and repair services. We are proud to provide LP SmartSide products, the leading siding brand that offers several advantages over fiber cement siding.

Is your siding looking a little worse for wear? Contact HB Home Services today!