4 Things To Put On Your Spring-Cleaning List

large open style kitchen and living room area with blue walls

As you transition from one season to the next, you will notice an amount of clutter, dirt, and grime that has built up in places you haven’t noticed, which is naturally why “spring cleaning” is such a popular practice. Spring is a time to reorganize your home until it is refreshingly clean and well-arranged. You may also consider making some changes in your home, such as installing a custom set of cabinets and shelves to maximize storage space and decrease the amount of clutter that accrues throughout the year.

At HB Home Services, we believe every home should have an organized, functional interior as well as one that is modern and pleasing to the eye. We are one of the top home improvement and kitchen renovation services in Oakton, VA with the knowledge and skill to help make your home a clean and organized space all year-round. Here are four areas in your home that should be on your to-do list for this year’s spring cleaning:

Walls and Ceilings

A large amount of dust and cobwebs is known to accumulate on your walls and ceilings. As they are hard to reach places, and often go unnoticed, you should take a moment to brush them off. Using a solvent-free degreaser afterwards will ensure there isn’t any leftover specs or stains left behind.


Windows are just as overlooked as walls and ceilings are, as it takes a keen eye to notice the dirt and grime that builds up within its interior and along its exterior. To ensure that enough light and warmth of spring pours into your home, get some environmentally-friendly cleaner and thoroughly scrubs its glass.

Window Curtains

Right next to your windows are your curtains, as well as blinds, that may have been untouched for most of the year. Over time, a great amount of dust collects around it, so make sure they get a thorough cleaning as well. Check to see if they are machine-washable, but otherwise get them dry-cleaned for an extensive washing. Along with clean and clear windows, your fresh curtains will certainly brighten up your home décor.

Shelves and Pantry

As the years pass, your shelves and pantry might be the most cluttered and neglected of all the areas in your house. It’s important to give these spaces your full attention, as they are where we store our valuables, from books and fragile decorations, food, medicine, and other everyday products.

If you are finding that your shelves and pantries are filled to the brim, perhaps you may want to consider installing a set of custom cabinets or shelves to increase your storage space, and make your next spring cleaning simple and hassle-free.

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Part of our work ethic at HB Home services is to keep in mind every detail of your home. We believe that every home aspect should be completely functional by helping it become more organized. This way, it will increase the space that you need to make your home more comfortable and convenient.

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