5 Amazing Bathroom Renovation Concepts

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Renovating or remodeling a space is a very exciting experience because there are many designs that you can incorporate to express your style and personality. Being one of the most utilized spaces of the home, you want your bathroom to characterize who you are as well as how you function. At HB Home Services, commitment to quality is at the top of our list. Our bathroom repair services in Woodbridge, VA are handled by our skilled and attentive craftsmen. Together, we will ensure that your design and needs are met using the best materials and quality customer service. The following are a few concepts and ideas to inspire your bathroom design. 


Firstly, you could go the traditional route. Lots of white with touches of an accent color here and there. Plants and crocheted storage on the toilet or the sink will add that touch of brown to bring your color scheme together. Installing a traditional clawfoot tub will enhance your renovation further with a statement piece.


A minimalist bathroom that has a simple or textured accent wall and a suspended mirror gives off a contemporary feel to it. An all-white bathroom with clean lines and a few organic touches is what many people think of when they hear minimalism. Adding a glass walk-in shower will give the allusion of more space, but also serve a better purpose. 

Beach Style 

Who doesn’t want the beach to follow them home with the serenity and peace that it brings? Well, now you can. A pebble floor and column in a walk-in shower will definitely give your shower that beachy feel. Couple it with a white or sea-green color for the walls and beachy knick knacks, you have a nice slice of heaven in your own home.  

Metallic Material

You can make the design all about the hardware–the material, color, function and shape. When installing a walk-in shower, you can add things like an overhead shower, steam unit, body spray and a rain showerhead. Brass or tungsten mirrors could add a touch of modernization to your renovation. Incorporating a pendant light will give your bathroom some pizazz.   

Pretty and Chic

This style could be for both adults or children. It encompasses eclectic and unique wallpapers along the length of the walls. Though the hardware is simple, the wallpaper is the focal piece. From an electric blue patterned tile to a bold geometric wallpaper, you can pick different patterns, colors, and more to spice up you pretty and chic style.

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