5 Different Types of Trim Molding for Your Home

home indoor area facing the street on a pretty day

You may not notice it immediately, but trim moldings are among the key features that accents the inside of your home. They protect and decorate your walls and floors and can be installed to help create a classically elegant interior home design. Each type of molding comes in a variety of styles, and may be tricky or even difficult to install. For help sourcing your preferred molding styles or choosing a quality trim replacement, work together with a professional to ensure a quality installation experience.  

Our technicians are highly-knowledgeable home improvement experts and specialize in interior renovations, design, construction as well as outdoor replacements of windows, doors, siding, roofing, and gutters. We are devoted to serving our customers with trustworthy improvement services at affordable rates. For a trim replacement service, it is important to learn about the different types of molding that exist so you can install one that suits your home best. Here’s a list below to help you identify available moldings:


This is the trim molding that surrounds windows on the inside and outside of your home, covering the empty space between the walls and the frame of the window or door. These are essential in ensuring that your home has a finished appearance and is often installed when it is first constructed. However, exchanging them for new style can be a small, but significant change that affects the overall appearance of your home’s interior and exterior.


This type of molding is located at the bottom-most section of a wall, where the wall and floor connect. They elegantly underscore interior rooms and hallways, while also protecting your walls from being scuffed by sofa or chair legs. Baseboards, with matching crown molding, also help frame your interiors to create a refined, cohesive appearance throughout your home.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is another kind of trim molding that, along with matching casing and baseboards, will help evoke fully-developed interior that paves the way for an amazing set-up for your indoor home décor. These are clad in the corner between the ceiling and the top of each wall, which may be a challenging trim replacement or installation.

Chair Rail

While this form of trim molding has been placed to protect walls from being damaged by scuffing or overzealous chair-pushing, it has also become a creative way to enhance and add variety to one’s interior design by placing wallpaper below the rail and painting the wall above it in a matching color. This is a great example of how trim molding can be used toward improving a homeowner’s interior, but there are other ways too.


Wainscoting are panels formed from squares or rectangles of trim molding and are often placed a few inches or so above the baseboards. Another way to improve your interior décor is by painting the portion of the wall inside the panel in a color that complements or contrasts the wall outside of the panel, which creates a vibrant exchange of hues throughout your home.

Affordable, Stylish Trim Replacement in Northern VA

Trim moldings can be an affordable and impactful improvement on your home’s interior and can help provide you with an array of design choices, which can then result in creating your dream home. At HB Home Services, we can help find the right styles and perform convenient trim replacement services that’s tailored to your needs. We are proud to provide our customers across the Northern VA area with exceptional skills, knowledge, and highly-professional work ethic.

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