5 Popular Kitchen Renovation Features

Kitchen with grey and white cabinets

The kitchen is among the most central, intimate spaces within a house, as it’s where meals are prepared and often closest to where they are shared. Renovating your kitchen can lead to an entirely new, refreshed atmosphere within your home. Depending on how you change it, it may lead to more of those big family gatherings or brunches outside on the porch.


At HB Home Services, we can help you both design and renovate your kitchen to your exact specifications and preferences. For years, we have performed numerous types of home improvement projects, including high-quality kitchen renovation services, for our clients in Fairfax and throughout Northern Virginia. Our staff is made up of experienced contractors and professionals in home improvement work. From top to bottom, we can help fix, repair, replace, install, and renovate any part of your home.


Below, we share some popular features we have found many clients asking for in their kitchen renovations:

1. Offsetting Backsplash

Backsplashes are becoming one of the most popular features in modern kitchen designs. A backsplash is the section of exposed wall behind the cabinets and countertops. These can be decorated with a variety of materials to create different textures and patterns that compliment the rest of your kitchen’s features, while also providing unique contrast to its overall design.


Recently, we’ve become a fan of using marble or treated wood for backsplashes. This creates a seamlessness to your kitchen’s appearance, streamlining the number of materials and textures within your kitchen design, which helps form a modern, minimalistic look.

2. Dual Islands

Another popular kitchen feature is having two islands in the kitchen instead of the standard single. The best part of it is that it provides many benefits in terms of making the kitchen more functional.


One way is that it creates more work space for big family get-togethers and holiday dinners. Secondly, installing a large sink or stove, it provides extra space to properly clean and cook, along with ensuring your kitchen is regularly more organized.


So, if you see that you have plenty of empty floor space and would like to increase functionality in your kitchen, consider what you could do with two islands. You may be surprised at the number of possibilities.

3. Pop-up Colors

Another intriguing feature we see many homeowners looking to add in their kitchens are jolts of contrasting color within the overall design. Most seek to create a nice blend of colors that are almost neutral beside one another, which can create a soothing atmosphere to a room.


However, adding a bright or contrasting color in an unusual place in your kitchen can help make it more vibrant and appealing. For example, many homeowners install or have their appliances painted to create a sense of uniqueness, making their kitchens feel and look as if they were one of a kind.

4. Open Shelving

Most kitchens have closed shelves and cabinets to avoid clutter and disorganization, as well as protect the many fragile pieces of glass and kitchenware you have stored away. Yet, many homeowners have updated their kitchen design to include a few open shelves for the purposes of adding some unique decor.


Many designers have found that open shelves with antique kitchen decor, like gilded copper pots and pans, along with vintage glass bottles and jars, create a nice contrast. Though function is key, using some of it to showcase interesting pieces of decor can make a big difference.

5. Outdoor Connection

Finally, among the biggest kitchen renovation features that our clients have been seeking to change is creating a stronger connection between their kitchens to the outside of their homes. This is largely done by reconstructing their kitchens with a focal point toward a set of glass doors leading to an outdoor terrace, porch, or patio.


It can also involve adding a number of windows and skylights within the kitchen, or removing smaller windows and adding a wider one across your kitchen wall. These changes will let in more natural light and display the beauty of the natural landscape around your home, making your kitchen a more significant space to spend time in.

HB Home Services: Quality Kitchen Renovation Services in Fairfax, VA

The above features are just some of the many popular trends we’ve found among the projects we’ve performed for our clients. HB Home Services is a premier home improvement company, employing experts in numerous services, from deck/porch construction, roof replacement, custom kitchen renovation, and more. In Fairfax, VA, and throughout the DC Metro area, we have provided high quality work for our clients, which has provided us with a list of referrals and satisfied returning customers.


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