5 Tips to Prevent Springtime Basement Flooding

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With springtime almost upon us, you’ll want to make sure those April showers don’t flood your basement. You can prepare your home in a few ways, including improvements to your property’s drainage, home sealant solutions, sump pump management, and more. For help preventing your basement from flooding, turn to professional basement repair services.


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Below, we outline five tips to prevent basement flooding in the springtime:

1. Improve Drainage from Your Property

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As winter comes to an end, push any leftover snow at least a few feet away from your house. Doing so around the periphery of your home can prevent water from seeping in. 


Furthermore, clean or replace any clogged or defective gutters and downspouts so they can direct melted snow and rainwater away from your home. Also, your landscape should slope away from your house to encourage drainage. Even placing some heavy plastic under rocks can help with drainage in the short run, though you should seek more permanent solutions from HB Services.

2. Seal Your Home against Outside Water

One of the most important measures in preventing basement flooding is to seal your home from outside water seepage. Doing so includes caulking closed cracks in the foundation or around the outside perimeter of your home, which a service professional can fulfill.


Additionally, you should have basement windows replaced that offer water entry points. Rain and snow can also accumulate in window wells, so window-well guards can prevent water from entering through basement windows as well.

3. Ensure Your Sump Pump is Working

Regular sump pump maintenance and cleaning is an important preventative measure against basement flooding. If your basement lacks a sump pump, we suggest having one installed as soon as possible. Doing so is particularly important for flood-prone basements.

4. Have a Backup Generator

In preparation for spring and summer storms, you should purchase a backup generator. Not only can it preserve your home’s conveniences, but it can ensure the continued operation of your sump pump. Moreover, a backup generator is crucial if you have a sump pump that lacks backup battery power.

5. Maintain Sewers & Septic Tanks

Sometimes, basement flooding arises from blockages in the municipal sewer line. At such times, a backwater valve comes in handy by automatically preventing sewer water from backflowing into your home. In flood-proofing your basement, getting a backwater valve is particularly important for homes at low elevations.

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