6 Creative Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations

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While small bathrooms can be challenging to design, successful ones exemplify the beauty of simplicity and minimalism. Indeed, homeowners can make small bathrooms feel large through graphic accents, hidden storage, and even a skylight. Nevertheless, hiring a bathroom renovation service ensures you receive a small bathroom that you’ll cherish for years.

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Below, we discuss 6 creative ideas for small bathrooms:

1. Graphic Accents

Unify surfaces in a crowded bathroom by incorporating a graphic accent. Make an impression on your space’s occupants through contrasting floor tiles, a patterned backsplash, or a colorful rug. These elements barely take up square footage and can be used for storage, aesthetic appeal, or to add a unique flair.

2. Add a Skylight

While it might seem bold, having a skylight in your small bathroom can pay off immensely. It will add natural light to your bathroom in a way conventional windows simply cannot—plus, what’s a better serotonin boost than hearing rainfall above your head or catching rays of sunshine in the morning to wake you up?

Moreover, skylights ensure that you maintain your bathroom’s privacy. In a room that might not have space for regular windows, skylights are a perfect way to get natural light without neighbors seeing into your bathroom.

3. Hang Art Vertically

Having a small bathroom does not mean it needs to be bare! One method of sprucing up your bathroom decor is hanging art. If hung vertically and up the wall, art can help make your bathroom feel comfy, unique, and artistic.

For example, hanging three art pieces vertically above the toilet can give the room some extra flare without feeling overcrowded or tacky. Elevated bathrooms need not rely on massive canvases.

4. Consider a Jib Door

A small bathroom is the best excuse to incorporate a jib door into your home. Jib doors are mounted right into the wall, hiding in plain sight. They often do not have hardware attached, enabling them to blend into the wall.

Having a jib door for your small bathroom allows the space to become invisible when the door is closed—perfect for privacy and hiding that space when not in use! Since you’ll be working with a smaller bathroom, having a hidden doorway makes it feel secluded, cozy, and like a little hidden gem in your home.

5. Stick to a Uniform Color Palette

When working with a small bathroom, an individual may overcompensate with vivid designs, colors, and graphics. However, this can lead to a claustrophobic and tacky bathroom atmosphere.

Sticking to a tight color palette ensures that your small bathroom is compact, orderly, and uniform. There’s nothing wrong with a pop of color and a unique design—keep in mind, however, that less is more in a small bathroom. Keeping a wall or two bare and unfinished creates a calming effect to keep patterned spaces open.

6. Tuck Away Cabinets

Bathroom Renovation Services Fairfax VA

Small bathrooms force individuals to think outside the box, especially when figuring out storage. Customizing your storage options come in many forms: built-in storage in the walls, using your toilet as a surface for products, or even creating a space under the sink for toilet paper or towels.

Hiding your storage in the walls takes up less visual real estate and is a creative way to organize your toiletries for guests or family members. Remember: there’s more than meets the eye in a small bathroom.

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Choosing to renovate your small bathroom does not need to be a one-person project. Hire a bathroom renovation service to help with the planning stage, production stage, and everything in between. HB Home Services is the home remodeling expert for residents in Fairfax, VA. From window and siding replacement to bathroom remodeling, our professionals take time to understand your budget and design wishes to get it right the first time. To start your bathroom remodeling project, contact us at (703) 764-0498.