6 Trim Molding Styles for Your Home

front room of house with blue walls and three large windows letting in light

If you are looking into updating the trim molding in your home’s interior design, you should learn about the main types of trim molding styles that exist in almost every home. These styles include baseboard, casing, chair rail, crown, picture frame, and wainscoting. If you are thinking of making a unique trim molding upgrade, consider contacting a home improvement professional.


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1. Baseboard

A common type of trim molding found in most homes today, baseboard molding is found almost anywhere your walls meet the floor. Decoratively, it serves as a complement to crown trim molding, which we will describe more about later on.


Besides its aesthetics, baseboard molding also serves a functional purpose. It protects your wall from potential damage caused by chair or sofa legs hitting your wall, as well as wear and tear caused by constant foot traffic within your home.

2. Casing

Another type of trim molding that is found in most homes, casing is the molding found around your windows and doors, providing a clean, finished appearance. They also embellish a home’s doors and windows by acting as frames that set them apart from other elements in a room.

3. Chair Rail

Found mainly in living and dining rooms, this type of trim molding is used to protect walls from scuffs and marks made by the backs of chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture.


This is because the rail molding is placed near the middle of the wall, and usually takes a convex shape that protrudes outward, making contact with an object before the actual wall does. Aside from this function, it is also used in many classical interior designs, along with other types of trim moldings.

4. Crown

As we mentioned before, crown molding (also known as ceiling molding) is a complement of baseboard trim molding. Instead of being placed near the floor, crown molding covers the area between the top of a wall and the ceiling above, hence the name “crown”.


Paired together with baseboard molding, crown molding helps create interiors that look fully-developed. And if painted in contrasting colors, it also accents and frames your walls in a simple, but unique design.

5. Picture Frame

This is a type of decorative molding that is similar to wainscoting, which we’ll discuss later. Unlike wainscoting, picture frame molding is more fluid in its placement and size on your wall. It can be used to literally frame a painting you want to place in a room, or it can be left empty, adding an interesting visual element.


Homeowners often use several picture frame molds in a single room, all with identical or complementary sizes, in order to create a similar design to classical interior designs found in palatial and royal estates.

6. Wainscoting

As we mentioned before, wainscoting is reminiscent of picture frame molding, as it involves enclosed trim molding frames over wood paneling. The frames all have identical sizes that help accent the wood panels that take up the lower third of a wall. They are also a longstanding element in classical interior design.


They are often painted white to provide an accentuating contrast to vivid colors painted on the rest of the wall, but mixing and matching different colors can help create a palette that is unique to your home.

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Trim molding is inherently an overlooked aspect of interior design, but when utilized creatively, it can become among the most impactful. HB Home Services offers numerous options for homeowners seeking to make a custom trim molding upgrade.


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