7 Beautiful Bath Trends to Try

bathroom with a very large tub on the left and a walk in shower with the door open on the right

Spring is a time to renew and refresh. As flowers pop up and the never-ending winter dies down, you may be thinking about how to renew and refresh your bath as well. Your bathroom is your sanctuary after a long day of work and exhausting errands. Why not freshen it up with some Northern VA bathroom renovations to match your spring mood?

As home remodeling experts, we at HB Home Services understand your desire to have a beautiful bathroom – and home! Here are 7 of our favorite beautiful bath trends to try this season:

  • Paint and Molding: This trend involves painting the molding, door, door frame and window panes the same color. This can create a very dramatic yet streamlined look. If you’d like to go further with this look, you can put in wallpaper in the same color scheme to intensify the dramatic effect.
  • Floating vanities: Floating vanities are installed into the wall but do not touch the ground. This can create an airy, modern look to your bathroom. They are still easily accessible for homeowners and provide the contemporary look that many are looking for.
  • Freestanding bathtubs: Create a rustic, farmhouse look with freestanding bathtubs. Clawfoot bathtubs are a popular choice for homeowners who want this look. However, there are a plethora of freestanding bathtubs to conform to any look a homeowner wishes to have.
  • Tub framing: If you want to refresh your bathtub’s look but not completely rip it out and replace it, tub framing is a wonderful option for you. This type of Northern VA bathroom renovation places a frame of your choice around the tub to modernize your tub’s look and refresh the aesthetic.
  • Wall lighting: Swap out your overhead lighting for wall lighting for more flattering and calming light. This lighting is often a bit more subtle than overhead lighting, so it’s ideal for homeowners who find overhead bathroom light in the morning to be overwhelming and agitating.
  • Vertical and horizontal shiplap: Horizontal shiplap has been more popular than vertical shiplap in the past, but vertical shiplap is beginning to gain popularity. This Northern VA bathroom renovation idea can give your bathroom a streamlined, vacation-like feel. It is also easy to match paint and wallpaper with vertical or horizontal shiplap.
  • Wood look tile: Do you love the look of wood but think you can’t put it in your bathroom because of water damage? If so, this is definitely a trend you should consider. The professionals at HB Home Services, a Northern VA home renovation company, can install wood look tiles to create the look of wood but avoid the hassle of their upkeep and potential for water damage. This trend also looks great on walls.


Trust HB Home Services with Your Bathroom Renovation!

The professionals at HB Home Services can help you try out any desired spring bath trends. Our Northern VA home renovation company is well-versed in both the trends of the season, and how to excellently install them in your home. We center our approach around you. We take pride in giving our customers the exact steps to follow, so they know exactly what to expect. Our Northern VA bathroom renovation has two steps: a written agreement and design and beyond. We outline everything our clients have to know and then work with them through all steps of the process.

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