7 Benefits of a Screened-In Porch

screened porch with traditional style furniture

Having a deck or patio is a great addition to your home, especially when the weather gets warmer. Typically, we tend to avoid the porch when the winter weather hits. In fact, when winter comes around, you likely find it to be a nuisance to have one when you’re clearing snow off of it.

That reason, among many others, is why you should consider screening your porch. Luckily, HB Home Services offers porch installation services in Northern VA, with plenty of experience in helping homeowners effectively cover their deck or patio, making it a comfortable outdoor living space.

There are year-round benefits to having a screened-in porch. Here are a few you should know about:

Easy Winter Season

Aside from saving yourself the hassle of having to shovel up snow, screening your porch allows you to enjoy extra space in your home year-round. Adding a couch, some pillows, and a heater to your screened porch can make for a cozy atmosphere as you watch the snow fall with a warm drink in hand.

Low Maintenance Autumns

Besides snow, raking leaves and other foliage off of your porch floor and furniture can be a time-consuming task. Screening your porch will certainly save you some trouble, as the screening will bar any fallen leaves, twigs, and other loose pieces of vegetation.

Save Yourself From The Bugs

Arguably among the worst parts about the warmer seasons, aside from the heat and humidity, are the mosquitoes, wasps, and bees. Screening your porch creates a filter between you and any outdoor pests, allowing you to enjoy the time you spend outside and saving you money on bug spray and repellent.

Party Time

If you have ever hosted a party or family gathering, you’ve  probably dealt with the stress of not having enough room in your house. Having a screened-in porch will make it much easier for  friends and family to spread out, as well have gatherings anytime throughout the year.

Additionally, if you plan to have a barbecue during the summer season, keep your grill on the outside of your screened porch to avoid any fire hazards.


If you’re looking for an escape but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, a screened-in porch can be the perfect space for you and your mind. Spend a rainy day on the porch by grabbing a book and laying on a comfy porch couch or daybed.

Enjoy Quality Time with Family

The porch is a great place to enjoy a nice outdoor dinner with your family. Spend your next family game night or dinner by having your porch covered from rain, snow, and any potential pests.

Increase Home Value

Aside from the many social and personal benefits of a screened-in porch, it also adds financial value to your home! If you ever consider selling your home later on, a screened-in porch instantly adds major curb appeal for potential homebuyers, as it provides your home with a unique and attractive addition.

HB Home Services: Expert Porch Installation Services in Northern VA

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