7 Ways to Flood-Proof Your Basement This Winter

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No matter what place you call home, the local climate hosts at least one form of nature’s fury. In Northern Virginia, for example, residents expect to see a fair share of flooding. But between the region’s flash floods and high tides, even proactive homeowners can feel powerless against the water’s force.


At HB Home Services, we want to help protect your home against nature’s elements. We are a family-run contracting company that renovates and repairs houses in Fairfax and throughout Northern Virginia. But when customers call us, we provide more than kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, and professional basement renovation services. We also offer tried-and-true advice for preserving houses against the elements. So when you need high-quality home improvement, reach out and get expert insights from a community-based company.


Below, we outline some steps that you can take to protect your basement or crawl space against flooding:

Proactive Homeownership Steps

Our past discussions about basements focused on renovation, including how to convert the space into a wine cellar. But this depends on keeping your basement dry. So here, we offer simple steps that can safeguard your home and investment:


  1. Investigate flood insurance protections: Anyone who owns a home with a basement should have such insurance. A flood policy protects both your belongings and your property. Even if the worst happens, you have the resources to stay on your feet.
  2. Determine how well your property drains water: Water that sits in your yard has a greater chance to penetrate your basement than that which drains away. So, maintain a proper drainage system through landscaping and re-grading.

Outside Influences

What other conditions around your home could affect your basement? As it turns out, design features and internal systems can make a great difference. Thus, home improvement can increase your home’s value and provide flood protection:


  1. Keep gutters and downspouts in working order: Both gutters and downspouts channel rain away from your home. But when they break or clog with debris, water can pool around your house’s foundations. We do offer professional gutter replacements at HB Home Services.
  2. Inspect your sewer or septic system: Since these systems use water and gravity to function, damage to them will affect your basement. We recommend having your home’s system inspected to ensure no backups or leaks have occurred.

Upkeep, Repairs, and Renovation

The presence of puddles, a musty smell, or mold indicate the presence of water. But maintaining your basement avoids these issues and create an opportunity for a basement renovation project:


  1. Inspect and repair your home’s foundations: When water pools around a home, it first erodes the material at the structure’s bottom. It causes foundation blocks/cement to crack and break over time. Keep an eye out and invest in foundation repair as needed.
  2. Maintain your sump pump: A sump pump removes water from an indoor space and discharges it outside. But like any mechanical system, sump pumps can fail. Thus, make sure your pump remains in working order, even if water has not entered your basement in some time.
  3. Install window well covers: To let light into a basement, some homes use window wells. Yet these excavated spaces create a clear path for water to access windows. Installing a well cover can help to prevent such seepage.

Protect Your Home: Basement Renovation Services Available in Fairfax, VA

While we can’t prevent floods from occurring, we can take productive steps to protect our homes. If you’re concerned about water seeping into your basement, reach out to HB Home Services. We offer kitchen, bathroom, deck, and porch renovations as well as professional basement renovation services. Fairfax, VA, residents highly recommend our work and expertise. Call us today at (703) 764-0498 or fill out our online form for a free estimate!