8 Cabinet Designs for Your Kitchen

Kitchen with grey and white cabinets

When you’re refurbishing kitchen cabinets, design can go a long way. Kitchen cabinets are the face of your kitchen so it’s important that you consider all of the options available to you. At HB Home Services, we offer years of expert kitchen repair services in Manassas, Virginia. Our contractors perform a variety of improvement projects, from modern kitchen renovations to basement finishing, all through a fast and stress-free operation, resulting in consistent satisfaction. We can help you choose the best kitchen cabinets to complete your home. 


Below, we provide a few cabinet design suggestions for your kitchen renovation project. 

1. Shaker 

You’ve most likely seen shaker cabinets, as they are the most popular style of cabinets today. Shakers consist of plain wood with four panels that create a frame. This style works well with traditional or modern homes in its natural form of cherry, oak, hickory, maple, or in a variety of painted colors. 

2. Louvered

Louvered cabinets are probably the most expensive type of cabinet one could buy. As the wooden slats require ventilation, be careful when choosing where to place these cabinets. It is best not to place them near large windows where the sun can potentially warp the slats, or next to an oven or water heater. 

3. Slab/Flat Panel

Flat-panel cabinet doors are simple but also very refined. They can take on a minimalist feel. They remain true to their names because their faces are flat. They come in a variety of colors like grey and white. 

4. Inset

These cabinets are made up of inset doors that sit inside the cabinet’s frames. They are expensive, as you will need to buy extra hinges per cabinet door. However, they look elegant and last for a long time after wear and tear. 

5. Distressed

This look for your cabinets can bring a very chic vibe to your design. It would also be pleasant for farm or country-style houses, as they create an antique feel. You won’t have to worry about cleaning distressed cabinets because they might look even better after they have been through life’s messes!

5. Beadboard

They are made of rows or vertical planks with ridges known as “beads.” The look of this type of cabinet gives added visual texture. This type of cabinet would look great in a modern, minimalist home. 

6. Thermafoil

Thermafoil cabinets are made from fiberboard then wrapped in a plastic coating. They are cost-effective and mass-produced to the point where they are low maintenance and easy to replace. However, if you do choose these cabinets, you should be aware that they do have the tendency to warp from heat exposure, so try not to place them near an oven or other sources that generate a lot of warmth. 

7. Custom

Did you know that you can customize your own kitchen cabinets? With the variety of showrooms and our kitchen repair service nearby in Manassas, Virginia, you can very easily find help on how to personalize your new kitchen. 

HB Home Services: Customizable Kitchen Renovations in Manassas, VA 

When it comes to your home, HB Home Services believes that your space should be modeled to your preference and made to stay in the best condition possible. That’s why our business is based on offering customer-centric services while providing the highest quality materials at affordable prices. Our craftsmen have years of experience in working with our clients. No matter which cabinets you choose, we are certain that by working with our kitchen repair service experts that you will achieve your dream kitchen. We provide financing and estimates so you can receive services that align to your exact needs. 


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