A Guide to Window Replacements

a kitchen counter facing five large windows with a perfect view outside

Whether you’ve lived in the same home for years or have just recently moved in, you may notice that your windows have significantly deteriorated. Feeling a draft while your window is closed, visible damage along the window frame, difficulty opening and closing your windows, and many other signs like these all point to how dysfunctional your windows have become. If you notice any of these signs or would like to improve your home’s appearance and energy efficiency, consider hiring a professional window replacement service such as HB Home Services.

Our crew of home improvement experts provide you with simple, friendly and fast service.  From bathroom renovations and kitchen remodeling, to deck construction and trim replacement, HB Home Services provides services for our customers’ every need, resulting in numerous satisfied customers in Great Falls and other cities across Northern Virginia. If you are thinking about receiving a window replacement service, here is our quick guide that shows you what to expect:

Choose Your Window’s Style

Your first decision is to choose from the variety of window styles available. If you seek to replace your windows with a set that is better suited to your house’s style, be sure to do research on the best window styles that align to your home.

This is mostly for the sake of your home’s appearance, in that homeowners ideally choose the style of their windows based on their home’s architectural style. For example, colonial style homes mostly have double hung windows, while prairie style homes will have large, geometric window panels.

Pick The Frame Material

Additionally, you should also think about the material of the window frames. Most frames are made of wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. Wood has a popular, homely aesthetic, yet is prone to misshaping and rot due to the outdoor elements. Vinyl, on the other hand, is much more resistant to heat and cold, yet some may not find its appearance as tasteful in accordance with their home’s design.

Select the Type of Glass

Next, you must decide on the type of glass configuration that you would like your new windows to have. Ideally, you should get windows that will last a long time for you, as well as provide benefits to your home. While single-pane windows are cheaper, they’re also lower quality and aren’t as energy-efficient.

The better options available are dual and triple pane glass windows, as each include a gap between each pane called an ‘airspace’.  The more airspaces in your windows, the more energy efficient and sound-proof they’ll be.

Choose Extras Features

There are additional features that can enhance your windows’ efficiency. Argon or Krypton gas can fill the window’s airspaces, creating extra insulation for your home, ensuring that the cold kept in whenever it is warm out, and the warm is kept in when it is cold. Low-E glazing is a resistant coating on the inside or outside of the glass pane that reduces heat from transferring inside and outside the house, providing further insulation. The most effective replacement windows are those with both krypton gas and multiple panes coated with low-e glazing.

Install Your New Windows

Finally, once you have selected the windows you desire to replace, it’s time to have them installed. While it is possible to perform a replacement yourself, hiring an experienced window replacement service will give you more dependable results. At HB Home Services, not only will our team of highly trained technicians be able to perform a precise installation of your new windows, we are also able to affordably source any kind of window that matches your preferences.

HB Home Services: Expert Window Replacement Services in Great Falls VA

The process of a window replacement requires the effort and time put into careful selection and detailed planning. It is important to work out what you need and want, whether it be a higher grade of energy efficiency, as well as a style that is complementary to your home’s appearance. At HB Home Services We have impressed a great number of our clients throughout Fairfax, Clifton, and Great Falls VA, all through our work in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basement renovation, and window replacement services. We hold your needs and preferences as the highest priority, next to our desire to provide the best service possible.

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