A Step-by-Step Guide to Replacement Windows

outdoor shot of house that is newly renovated

When you decide to replace your windows, make sure you purchase the right ones for your home to avoid costly window repairs or replacements. While this isn’t complicated, it involves a few key steps. An experienced home improvement company can help smooth things over by outlining your best options according to what you want and need.


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Below, we provide a guide to picking out your replacement windows:

Step 1: Evaluate Current Windows

There are many reasons why a homeowner would want to replace their windows. Some may want a more picturesque view of their landscape, while others may need more accessible windows that are easier to open due to physical conditions.


In any case, it’s important to first evaluate why you want or need to replace your windows. Consider whether to re-install the same type of windows you already have or try a new type of window design for a particular room.

Also, look for signs that indicate your windows require replacement. Here are a few common signs to look out for:


  • Condensation Between Panes of Glass: Some windows are composed of two panes of glass that create insulation from the outside. However, the appearance of condensation between these panes means there is an opening in the seal between them, which means they will need replacement.


  • Drafty Rooms: If you notice that certain rooms feel drafty even with their windows closed, it may indicate that the windows’ seals have decayed or become defective, as this allows cool outdoor air to leak into your home.


  • Difficulty Opening & Closing: Windows should be easy to open and close by sliding into position. However, if you start to notice resistance, that likely means the components of the window’s components may have become outdated, which means you’ll need to replace them soon.


  • High Energy Bills: Another common sign that your windows need replacement is consistently high energy bills no matter how hard you try to conserve energy. When windows with decayed seals leak indoor air outside, your HVAC system must work harder and spend more energy in order to keep your home at your desired temperature.

Step 2: Do Some Research

After determining the condition of your current windows and what you have in mind for their replacement, you’ll need to do some research. You should look up the different kinds of windows you may want to replace your current set with, comparing their prices, and finding good retailers and reliable window replacement services.


Research also involves measuring the dimensions of your windows. The measurements you get are required to determine accurate prices for potential replacements, especially when seeking estimates from window replacement services.

Step 3:  Consider Your Options

After researching replacement windows, it’s time to assess your options. The most basic option is replace your current windows with another set of the same model and type. This is a common choice since it is both easy and cost-effective.


Another option is to install a set of windows of a different design. While this may be more expensive than the first option, it can give your home worthwhile benefits. This small change may refresh your home’s interior design, refreshing the way it looks and feels. It may also bolster your home’s energy efficiency and improve accessibility for elderly or handicapped inhabitants.


Weighing your preferences and budget will help you filter out the options that best fit the highest value for your replacement. After that, you can finally go on to make your last decision.

Step 4: Decide On Installation

After you’ve decided on what type of window replacement you will choose, you will decide how to install it. While you could purchase and install the replacements yourself, we recommend that you contact a specialist in window replacement services.


Hiring a professional ensures that your window installation is completed promptly and correctly. It saves you a lot of hassle and lets you focus on work, school or other personal business.

HB Home Services: Quality Window Replacement Services in Fairfax, VA

As with any sound investment, you should put a decent amount of time and thought into replacing your windows. As we stated before, a professional can smooth out the process and help you to make the right decision. HB Home Services offers personalized window replacement services along with indoor home renovations, roofing and siding replacement, and more home improvement tasks. Our staff is highly experienced and certified to work on a wide array of home improvement projects. Contact us at (703) 764-0498 to get a free estimate and to learn more about our expert services today!