Are Your Doors Spring-Storm Ready?

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The Case for New Doors in Spring 2017

The saying goes, “March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb,” but this year’s weather has proven to be the opposite scenario. Between winter storm Stella and the promise of a stormy April, residents of Northern Virginia may feel as if there’s no sunny end in sight. This makes a compelling case for new door installation ahead of the stormiest part of the spring season. If winter did a number on your door or it’s just seen better days, now is the time to consider replacement doors.

Door Installation For Every Need

Like windows, doors represent a potential for heat loss. Old doors, poorly-insulated doors, and damaged entry doors can decrease home security, let in moisture, and lead to weather damage. Homeowners with entry doors that need a little added protection may benefit from storm doors, while older and damaged doors may warrant full replacement.

If you’re trying to determine if you need the addition of a storm door or a full door replacement, look for the following signs that an entry door is nearing the limits of its life expectancy:

  1. Drafts and light. Feeling cold air or seeing cracks of light around the door frame are both signs the door needs replacing.
  2. Hinge problems. If a little lubrication doesn’t correct the problem, the door may have structural problems. Weak hinges represent a security risk.
  3. Scraping. Doors should not drag the ground or sides of the frame. A tight seal all around offers the best protection from the elements.

Finding the Right Replacement Doors

Whether you opt for a storm door or an entry door replacement, look for ENERGY STAR rated new doors. Partner with installers who understand the importance of a tight and even fit to achieve maximum benefits from your new or storm door investment.