Basement Remodeling Ideas That Add Value to Your Home

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Every homeowner wants to make the most out of their property, to make their residence more comfortable, as well as embellish their investment in buying the house. Those with incomplete basements have the greatest opportunity to do both. A basement remodel can substantially increase the value and living space of your home. Of course, in order to have a basement that is constructed quickly, safely, and effectively, you’ll need to hire professionals.

At HB Home Services, among the numerous home improvement specialties we offer are our reliable basement renovation services. From McLean, VA, and throughout Northern Virginia, our technicians have helped design and construct amazing home remodels and provided much-needed replacement or repairs for exterior and interior utilities, such as roofing, plumbing, gutters, and many more.

From our professional knowledge as home improvement experts, here are some basement remodeling ideas that can raise the value of your home:

Create Separate, But Open Rooms

While it may be tempting to make your basement as open as possible, potential buyers may find sectioned-off rooms more desirable, as each provide space for separate functions, such as a playroom, a home theater, and an exercise room. If you would like to keep that open aesthetic, but also maintain a division between each space, you can place half walls to separate each room.

Ensure Adequate Lighting

As basements are positioned at the bottom of the house, often furthest from any sunlight, it is important to consider its lighting. Discuss the type of aesthetic you want to convey with your home improvement contractor. For example, if you are constructing a home theater in your basement, you may want to add smart lighting, as it will allow you to adjust the room’s brightness whenever you need.

Include Storage Closets

An excellent addition to make when you are performing a basement renovation is including one or more storage closets to the layout. It will allow for you to have a discreet place to store any extra items you don’t necessarily need or want to lay around the house, such as boxes of old clothes, blankets, etc., or it can act as an extended pantry for non-perishable food, allowing you to shuffle your extra storage and providing extra space in other places around your home.

Add a Bathroom

Finally, one significant improvement to make when considering what else to add in your basement renovation is a bathroom. Not only will it make your home more accessible to the guests you’ll be entertaining there, but its addition will also further increase the value of your home along with the renovation itself. As unpleasant as it is to say, it should be noted that a bathroom is essential in making any living space more complete.

Get Expert Basement Renovations from HB Home Services in McLean, VA

There are so many ways that a home basement renovation can benefit homeowners. On top of providing more living space, it increases the value of your home on the market, as well as make it more attractive to potential buyers in the future. To receive an efficient basement renovation services, consider a home improvement contractor such as HB Home Services. Our highly-skilled technicians have provided excellent home improvement services for years, in McLean, VA, and across Northern Virginia.  

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