Bathroom Renovation Design Tips

on the left two bathroom sinks with walk in shower on the back wall

We can all agree that bathrooms are necessary – but can we admit that any are visually alluring or well-designed? Utility and elegance may appear at odds in the home design field, but a professional bathroom renovation service can incorporate both. Designers can help you to choose an appropriate bathroom type, develop an innovative layout, and add affordable luxury features.


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Below, we outline some crucial tips when approaching your bathroom renovation project:

Suggestions for Bathroom Renovations

Create a budget

The first step – and one of the most essential – is to make a project budget. Doing so may seem a less-than-thrilling place to start, but it sets realistic expectations for your work. After all, why make a list of features and decorative details that you like if they fall beyond your means? A budget gives you boundaries within which to work.

You should research the costs of bathroom renovation projects in your area by checking the pricing of local contractors. Bathroom remodeling is a popular form of home improvement, so give yourself leeway for an ample budget. Clarify which aspects of your bathroom need improvement and which you would like to improve.

Choose a bathroom type

If you initially find it strange to consider bathroom types, you will soon discover why doing so is important. The details of the space depend on the type of bathroom: a standard (or full), half bath, or wet. A standard requires a sink, toilet, and bath/shower, while a half has only a sink and toilet. A wet bathroom, meanwhile, features a shower without a separating medium (such as a cubicle or curtain).

The type and intended uses of your bathroom play a crucial role in the design features that you choose. For instance, a full bathroom should have ample storage space while a half will include less. Additionally, all the features of a wet bathroom should be waterproof given the shower’s lack of separating medium.

Develop a bathroom layout

Having created a budget and chosen a bathroom type, you (or your professional designer) can start drawing up a layout. This step’s scope is wide: it includes the general layout and specific details. If you plan to alter the existing layout (such as moving plumbing), expect that to factor into your budget substantially.

More specific details include deciding to include a bathtub and what type, considering a balance between natural and artificial light, and how ventilation will factor into the room’s design. Remember: these prosaic details will have concrete effects on your day-to-day usage of the space.

Consider accessibility needs

If your house has an aged occupant, or you expect to live in the home for decades, examine accessibility options. Doing so before you need them can save you time and money in the long run. For instance, a walk-in shower (without a curb) makes the space far more accessible than a traditional bathtub. Research further options or speak with your designer about your ideas.

Choose durable bathroom materials

Finally, keep in mind that bathrooms must stand up to years of daily use. Those with a bathtub/shower must endure quick temperature changes, and all materials should be water-resistant. While expensive features may look elegant, they will disappoint you if they quickly fall apart.

Thus, choose the materials you install carefully. Avoid cheap particle-board cabinets, plastic plumbing fixtures, and fiberglass sink surfaces. Speak to a professional designer and ask about the best bathroom materials, ones that endure daily usage without losing their charm.

Affordable Bathroom Renovation Services for Arlington, VA, Residents

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