Build a New Deck in Time for Summer!

screened porch with traditional style furniture

Spring is the perfect time to go ahead and prep for the warmer sunnier days that are to come. Having a Northern VA deck installation or renovation in the spring is the best preparation needed to ensure your new deck is ready during the summertime. A deck complements any home as it allows you to take in mother nature and appreciate all its beauty. Adding a deck can also give your home equity a boost.


At HB Home Services, we gathered a few reasons why this is the perfect time to invest in a new deck addition.


1. A deck serves as the ultimate entertainment space.

Having a deck installation in Northern VA or a freshly renovated deck is perfect if you plan to entertain guests over summer. It’s a great socializing area that allows you to easily host events, from cookouts, to get-togethers with family and friends, to a nice summer dinner underneath the stars. During the much warmer brighter months, this is also a great home area to lay out and sunbathe in. It’s an outstanding play area for kids and serves as a peaceful downtime place for adults.


2. An Increase in home value.

Having a deck addition automatically increases the resale value for any home and many potential buyers tend to be more captivated by newly installed decks. A deck installation in Northern VA your home twice as appealing, making it all worth the total investment in the end.


3. Quick to build.

Northern VA deck installations or renovations are not as time consuming as other home projects. If you start your project now, it will likely be completed well before summer is over, depending on the scope of your project.


Having a professional add an aesthetically pleasing deck to your home during the spring season is highly recommended to ensure that it is ready to outshine other homeowners and for you to enjoy during the hot summer months!


HB Home Services Deck Installation

HB Home Services is proud to offer deck installation in Northern Virginia. We offer high-quality custom deck design and installation and are dedicated to building the perfect deck that will meet your needs. Our deck-building carpenters have all the expertise and greater knowledge needed when it comes to creating a beautiful and functional deck.  Our team is here to serve you at every step of the way, from creating your deck design, choosing your materials, and handling seamless installation.


While building your deck, consider adding a porch! When it comes to porch renovations in Northern VA, we offer front, back, wraparound, and screened-in porches as options for your home. As a company that provides high performance products, we have a one of a kind feature that prevent bugs from invading the home and built-in roofing systems that make the porch twice as stable to withstand extreme weather.


Get ready for the summer with a brand new decked-out deck addition. Call (703)-764-0498 or fill out an online form to get a FREE quote today!