Buyer’s Guide for Exterior Siding

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Replacing your home’s siding takes time to prepare and complete. Learning about the different costs, advantages & disadvantages of your siding material options will help you get organized before you begin your update. Working with a professional will help make your project run smoothly and efficiently, ensuring every aspect of your exterior siding is installed accurately.


At HB Home Services, our team is equipped with years of extensive experience, quality equipment and materials to help you complete your home siding replacement project. As we have installed siding to a number of homes throughout Northern VA, Arlington residents can expect professional recommendations, a free no obligation estimate, and a quick installation.


Here’s a list of the many different siding options you can choose from:


Vinyl siding materials are durable and come in many colors and textures. Any scratches that occur on the surface aren’t as obvious because the color is so consistent.


Due to its lightweight properties and its ability to be easily installed over existing materials, vinyl is easy to handle and offers a quick installation, which will save you more money.


In addition to that, it requires little-to-no maintenance, as dirt and grim washes off easily. Lastly, because it doesn’t need to be repainted often so it’s cost-efficient.


Wood siding provides a natural aesthetic and there are a range of species and grades available. However, since it is prone to rotting, it may need more routine maintenance and a finish applied to it every two years. Costs can vary depending on the type of wood you choose, and higher grade wood is often more expensive.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a trending siding material. It has gained recognition for its incredible stability and design flexibility. It can mirror the appearance of wood clapboard, shingles, stucco, and masonry sidings. Since it’s one of the more heavier siding options, it requires trained professionals to install it and protective equipment to keep out airborne silica.

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding

At HB Home Services, we offer a better alternative to fiber cement siding: LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding. LP SmartSide products provide several advantages over fiber cement. It’s much lighter than fiber cement, so it offers a fast installation, as well as superior adhesion and application.


It also offers great curb appeal due to its authentic appearance and durable material which can prevent termite infestations and mold growth.


Residents may also choose from the following collection for their home:

  • Lap Siding
  • Panel Siding
  • Shakes
  • Trim and Fascia
  • Soffit


Stucco is one of the most durable siding materials in the industry. Most stucco materials are mixed with epoxy, which in turn allows it to never chip or break. You can obtain natural colors with various stucco mixtures, which won’t need repainting often.


Stucco siding installations require a generous amount of effort and must be performed by a professional to ensure accuracy.

Synthetic Stone

Synthetic stone siding consists of cement, sand, and aggregate. It offers a natural appearance and comes in various designs such as split face, dry stacked, and round river rock, which makes it more expensive.


As it’s mostly used to accent homes and extend their natural aesthetic, it’s often a great option because of its light weight and resistance to fire and insects.

Schedule Quick and Easy Home Siding Replacements in Arlington, VA

Your home siding may seem like a little aspect that no one pays attention to, but in reality, it makes all the difference! Natural wear and tear can affect its appearance as well as your home’s energy-efficiency. If your siding needs replacement, then work with an experienced home siding replacement expert at HB Home Services to ensure the job gets done efficiently and accurately.


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