Create a Gorgeous Master Bedroom for Your Valentine

bedroom with large made bed on the left

Valentine’s Day is this week, and love is in the air! If you are a Northern Virginia homeowner, you may be searching for a great home improvement project to surprise your sweetheart with. Although you certainly cannot complete a full renovation project in time for the holiday, there are so many small interior design projects you can complete to upgrade your shared spac3e.

One of these projects that makes the perfect sweet present is to give your master bedroom a romantic makeover. A simple re-decoration can turn your master bedroom from just a place to sleep to a beautiful personal oasis for you and your loved one.

As a Northern Virginia home renovation company, we at HB Home Services know how to decorate a space and make it truly special. Here are a few easy ways to give your bedroom a gorgeous mini-makeover in time for Valentine’s Day:


Rearrange Furniture 

Sometimes, simply moving around furniture does wonders to improve the look of a bedroom. Move the bed in a different space in your room where it will receive more natural light. Move your dresser into your large closet to open up more floor space. Or, if your bedroom lacks furniture, purchase a comfy loveseat or move one from the living room to add extra seating to the bedroom. Rearranging your furniture not only gives your bedroom a face lift but allows you to make the most of your floor space.


Choose Intimate Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in a room’s mood and appearance. Get creative with lighting this Valentine’s Day to create a gorgeous master bedroom. Although installing an entirely new fixture likely will not be complete in time, you can still make simple changes to your lighting. Purchase colored bulbs from your local home improvement store to make your bedroom colorful on Valentine’s Day. Try out some pinks or reds to get into the romantic holiday spirit. Or, purchase a light dimming kit which will allow you to set the proper brightness for any mood.



Nothing says romance like the right decorations! For Valentine’s Day, fill your bedroom with your partner’s favorite flowers. Add some candles to create soothing, romantic ambiance. Hang some nice paintings or photographs around the room, and place some other elegant decorations like vases or figurines. Filling the bedroom with items your sweetheart (and you) love is sure to make it a truly special, romantic space for Valentine’s Day and beyond.


Schedule a Full Renovation With HB Home Services

Although a renovation will not be complete in time for Valentine’s Day, another great gift to give your Valentine is to schedule a home renovation with HB Home Services! Show your sweetheart you have hired HB Home Services to complete your dream renovation in the coming months for an extra-special gift, and enjoy your beautifully decorated bedroom in the meantime. Why stop at the bedroom? We can also assist you with a basement renovation, deck renovation, and porch renovation!

Take the time to show your Valentine how much you care for them. Decorate your master bedroom, then contact HB Home Services to schedule a full renovation!

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