Five Common Home Improvement Myths Debunked

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As a homeowner, you always want to try to keep your home value high. One of the best ways to maintain a high value is by investing in home improvements or valuable additions to your property. A common misconception among homeowners is that any improvement is a good improvement. The truth is, you can possibly end up devaluing your home without even realizing it.

At HB Home Services, we want you to make educated decisions when adding value to your home. Our team provides home improvement services and quality workmanship at affordable prices in Oakton, VA. Whether you are interested in replacing doors and windows, adding a deck and porch, or just renovating kitchen and bathrooms, our team of professionals will satisfy your home improvement needs. Here are a number of home improvements myths about increasing your home’s value.

White Walls Will Help You Sell

While it is true that white is a generally accepted color and popular in homes, it does not necessarily help you sell your home. White walls may help your home seem more spacious, but the major drawback is that it causes your home to seem cold and stark. In addition to this, it places additional costs on the buyer to make improvements painting to give a room more character.

An Addition Increases Your Home Value

Not all remodels are valued equally. Your home is your kingdom but that doesn’t mean your home design preferences will align with another potential buyer’s style. If you plan on selling this home, your vision may not mesh with someone else’s. An example would be putting a bowling alley into your basement or refacing the outside of your home to the point where it doesn’t match with the neighborhood’s aesthetic. These additions may seem like a great idea at first, but it might end up hurting your home’s value in the long run.

Swimming Pools Add Value

A pool sounds like a fun amenity to conveniently have on your property, but in most instances that isn’t the case. When it comes to adding a swimming pool or hot tub, your location is a major factor. If you are located where the climate isn’t warm year round, you could be spending more time with off-season maintenance than actually using it. You will quickly come to understand that adding a pool or hot tub to your home may place a financial burden on you in the long run.

Going Green Is Expensive

The stigma connected to ditching traditional power and heating/cooling methods for solar as an expensive endeavor is actually just the opposite. Solar provides the potential to save on your utility bill. In comparison to an average utility bill, solar loans come out to be a lower expense and allows you the ability to buy back electricity at a discounted rate. While the upfront costs of solar panel installation are steep, over time you are saving money on a consistent basis.

Completing A Project On Your Own Saves Money

Trying to cut corners and save money by taking on a project yourself might just end up costing more than you could have imagined. There is nothing wrong with being a handyman around the house to fix minor damages or make home improvements on your own, but taking on a big task beyond your skill level is not advised as it can increase your chances of you getting hurt and buying the wrong materials.

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