Five Major Outdoor Kitchen Elements

A large outdoor grilling area with a stainless steel grill and cooking area

While the summer season is the perfect time to get outdoors and grill with your guests mingling in the backyard, COVID-19 is making it a little more challenging for us to enjoy being outside. Even as we social distance ourselves from one another, many people are beginning to place more value on their home comfort by enhancing their living spaces. One of the most common areas people upgrade to is an outdoor kitchen.


At HB Home Services, our team offers extensive experience in kitchen renovations, bathroom updates, roofing replacements and much more. Residents trust our team to provide them with friendly customer service, excellent craftsmanship, and high-quality products every time. If you’re looking to start a modern kitchen renovation, allow our team to streamline your project and make sure it aligns with your budget. 


Below, we provide a few major details you should keep in mind for your own outdoor kitchen: 

Choose a Location

While outdoor kitchens can provide many advantages, selecting its location in your backyard is key. Choose an area in your outdoor space where it will be more convenient, comfortable, and overall save you more money. 


Having a kitchen closer to the house–on the side connected to the patio or on the deck–will allow you easy access to your indoor kitchen, especially if you need to run in to grab extra cooking equipment or ingredients. 


An outdoor kitchen that’s farther away may be a little more costly, as it may require installations such as a gas line, water line, and electrical wiring. 


HB Home Services is familiar with building codes and will make sure your outdoor kitchen renovation is completed accurately and increases your home comfort and aesthetic.

Add a Shelter

For outdoor kitchens closer to the house, it may be easier to provide shelter with a roofing extension or patio cover.  Kitchens that are farther away from the house may need a custom pavilion or pergola that will help protect it from damage and inclement weather.

Choose Your Grill

Consider what you want to use to cook with: charcoal, wood, electricity, gas or hybrids that offer compatibility for two of these options. There are also grills that offer a hood, smoke vents, lighting and much more.


Your grill can be considered the focal point of your kitchen, so make sure it offers the elements you want before making a final decision.

Include a Refrigerator

If you want your outdoor kitchen to be farther away from your home, it may be more convenient to install a refrigerator near it as well. Installing a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen requires accurate wiring, which would require the help of a professional. 

Stainless Steel Sink

Having an outdoor sink accompany your kitchen will further enhance its convenience. Not only will it allow you more control over your outdoor kitchen messes but it will prevent you from making constant trips to your indoor kitchen to grab extra ingredients, utensils, plates and more. 

Choose Professional Kitchen Renovation Services in Great Falls, VA

While there are many more elements that go into an incredible outdoor kitchen design, consult with our team to see which features will allow your living space to flourish best. HB Home Services is proud to continue offering our kitchen renovation services alongside safe procedures during this time. No matter what home improvements you’re making next, consider working with HB Home Services in the Northern Virginia area. 


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