Four Types of Porch Installations You Should Consider For Your Home in Northern VA

indoor living room with large couch and chair and large open windows without blinds

Porch installations are complex processes that can be a challenge to handle on your own. Even deciding between the various porch types can be really overwhelming. If you are unsure of what kind of porch would enhance your home more, we recommend that you work with a professional home improvement contractor. Hiring experienced contractors in Northern VA will help ensure that the type of porch you choose will suit your aesthetic preferences best.  

At HB Home Services, our team of experts will provide home improvement services tailored to your needs. With our highly-trained contractors in Northern VA, you will be sure to receive a quality porch installation and stress-free experience. Instead of worrying over the design and build of your future porch, let an HB Home Services professional do the work for you so you won’t need to. To help you choose the right porch for your home, here’s what you should know about the four different types of porch installations that are available:

Front Porch

Front porches are the most traditional type of porches. Most people tend to feel a sense of community with their own front porch, as they can relax with friends, family, and neighbors. If you ever host any house guests, they will also have somewhere comfortable to wait while they’re outside. Even first-time visitors will have an incredible first impression with a front porch outside your home.

Back Porch

Back porches are very similar to front porches in the sense that it allows for a little more privacy, especially if your backyard is fenced in. For most homes, back porches are often bigger than front porches as there’s more space in the backyard. Back porches are also great places to enjoy garden or pool views. They can even be combined with a deck to further enhance your home’s outdoor appearance and increase your home’s value.

Screened-in Porch

If you aren’t a fan of mosquitoes, then screened-in porches can keep pesky bugs and harsh UV rays out. These porches are best suited for those that enjoy hosting activities outside or those who want to spend less time indoors. Screened-in porches will benefit these individuals all the more. There are also different screen materials that can be used, such as fiberglass mesh and aluminum mesh. An HB Home Services contractor can help you decide which material is best for your needs so that you are happy and your porch is long-lasting.

Wrap Around Porch

Wrap around porches can make a house feel much bigger than it is, especially if you use a porch as an extension of a room. These porches can wrap around two sides of a house or its entirety. This way, you can create multiple sections and triple your outdoor living space. These types of porches are great for enjoying those clear and sunny days because it provides shade from the sun and refreshing wind breezes.

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