Four Unique Bathroom Design Features/Ideas

close up of bathroom sink with small toilet to the left and glass enclose walk in shower

While some homeowners may overlook the current condition and appearance of their bathrooms, residents are looking to improve their home comfort now more than ever. Bathrooms are the most personal and well-used spaces in our homes, and our team at HB Home Services can help you create a space that offers you maximum comfort during these uncertain times.

At HB Home Services, our team is committed to helping you attain the greatest amount of home comfort through improvements, such as custom bathroom renovations. We are dedicated to providing high-quality renovations that are personalized to your needs, and we are happy to work together with you to achieve this.

Below, we discuss four bathroom features you may consider for your bathroom update:

1. Energy Efficient Lighting

To achieve a comforting and aesthetic home, lighting is key. Opting for energy efficient lighting will allow you to save more on your monthly energy costs. One of the most energy efficient lighting options are LEDs, which produce 20%-25% energy and can last up to 15-25 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs.


While Better Homes & Gardens offers some quality lighting suggestions, feel free to work with our team to determine the best lighting and fixtures for your home.

2. Floating, Open Shelves

Open shelving has been on the rise in kitchen renovations, it is just as popular and efficient for bathrooms. If you didn’t have shelving or storage in your bathroom before, open shelving will help you stay more organized and neat. Open shelving allows you to easily grab what you need without the hassle of questioning it and opening a cabinet door.

3. Marble Flooring

This particular type of flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing but incredibly durable as well. It’s often highly-regarded for its overall elegant appearance. While it may seem like the more luxurious option to upgrade in your bathroom, it can definitely make a world of a difference!


Other benefits of marble flooring include that it’s resistant to shattering and is a great insulator, which is perfect for retaining heat during the colder seasons.

4. Accent Wall

An accent wall is a fairly easy and inexpensive update to make in your home, but to achieve one that matches your bathroom style requires professional assistance. Accent walls often produce the illusion that a room is larger than it seems, so if you have a small bathroom, this may be a great update for you.


In addition to that, it can make even the simplest of bathrooms appear exquisite! Consider accent walls made of brick, stone, or a patterned wallpaper. To figure out the best option for your needs, allow our bathroom experts to help you.

Choose Custom Bathroom Renovation Services in Fairfax, VA

With HB Home Services, our team listens to your ideas and will offer expert insight to ensure you receive the best bathroom renovation services possible. For every project, we assign expert craftsmen and designers to go over the bathroom planning checklist with you. This way it will help us create and build a bathroom that suits your lifestyle and adds value to your home. And on top of that, we keep you updated throughout every stage of the process to ensure your vision is coming along as planned.


Get started on your bathroom renovation! Contact our bathroom experts at (703) 764-0498 to schedule a consultation today.