Home Office Renovation Tips & Tricks

small office space with modern white chair and desk

Recent figures show that employees find remote work enjoyable and flexible enough to help balance daily living. Moreover, companies have found that it is an effective alternative as it increases work productivity. Now, a growing number of homeowners are seeking premium home renovation services to construct their ideal office spaces.


HB Home Services performs high-quality home improvement services for clients throughout Oakton, VA. We are experts in home renovations, whether it be for an office, basement, kitchen, or bathroom. We can also improve your home’s appearance and structural integrity through siding, gutter, roofing, and other maintenance projects. Our team is made up of qualified professionals with decades worth of experience.

5 suggestions for your next home office renovation:

Paint Your Walls A Neutral Color

The environment of a home office should involve elements that create comfort and focus. Thus, we recommend painting your home office’s walls a neutral color rather than a bold and vibrant one.

Warm browns and greens, or cool blues and grays, achieve a sense of calm that encourages concentration through long hours of work. In contrast, bright and bold colors will likely distract you from your work.

Place Your Lights Strategically

A home office’s lighting should be layered, using several different light sources in strategic spots around the room and your desk. You could incorporate the following types of lights:

  • Ambient lights, such as recessed lighting, establishes a general amount of light within a room.
  • Task lights, commonly seen as desk lamps or floor lamps, are used to maintain focus on what’s in front of you such as your computer monitor or paperwork on your desk.
  • Accent lights are used more often to highlight aesthetic or structural features, which can be used to provide a bit of flair around your office, such as beneath your desk or in the back of your bookshelves.

Aim For Comfort

In the end, your home office renovation should sustain you through the long hours of work by providing you with comfort. The main way to do this is to make sure you’re seated in the most comfortable chair, as well as one that provides you with proper ergonomic support.

In addition, comfort is more than just your seating, it’s also connected to your mental well-being. One of the most aggravating aspects a workspace can have is that it is cluttered and disorganized – wires going all over the place, papers, folders, and other stationery in messy piles.

Therefore, you should also make sure that your office includes additional shelves, cubbies, drawers, and other forms of storage that will help improve how organized your home office looks and feels. In some cases, you may want to have a qualified home renovation services provider construct an elaborate home office set up so you have a sufficient amount of storage space.

Add Plants Around You

Another element your home office renovation should make room for is some fresh, appealing indoor plants such as a few sticks of potted bamboo, English ivy, or a simple snake plant.

Plants provide a healthy contrast to the electronic and paper-strewn surroundings one might find themselves in while sitting in their office. They can make your workspace more attractive, helping to push you through the long hours of work.

Healthline also reports that indoor plants can alleviate stress levels, improve indoor air quality, and sustain one’s productivity. Simply adding one or two plants around your home office space can make a significant difference.

Set Up A Food & Drink Station

Of course, working throughout the day at the office can be exhausting, whether outside or at home, which is why we also recommend your home office renovation should include some space for a food and drink station.

This can include any number of things according to your preference, such as a kettle and pour-over coffee maker, along with a box of your favorite snacks – preferably the kind that gives you a boost of energy.

Of course, if you have enough space and are seeking to make your home office a little more refined by including a small kitchenette for your food and drink station, consider contacting a quality home renovation services company. With the right help, you can make the most out of your home office.

HB Home Services: Excellent Home Renovation Services in Oakton, VA

A home office should be a place where you can be comfortable and productive throughout the day. Following some of our tips and tricks above can help make that happen, as can a reliable home renovation services company like HB Home Services. We help residents improve their homes inside and out. Our experts have extensive experience in interior renovations, which means that together, we can help you build the home office you need. Moreover, we also perform numerous installation and replacement services for doors, gutters, house siding, and more. Contact us today at (703) 764-0498 and schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.