How a Porch Increases Your Home’s Value

screened porch with traditional style furniture

There are many good reasons for a homeowner to attach a porch to their home, but one of the best is that it increases the house’s market value. Thus, many homeowners add a porch to their homes, usually with the help of quality porch installation services. If you want one to build a porch for your home, consider hiring an exceptional home improvement company.


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Below, we discuss how the addition of a porch can increase your home’s value:

Improved Curb Appeal

The primary way that a porch adds value to homes is that it raises their “curb appeal.” The more curb appeal your house has, the more profitable your home will be. Porches are an attractive feature and influence many buyers on the housing market.


A porch’s charm is twofold – appearance and function. More specifically, these involve:

Appearance – A porch addition changes the shape of the home. While it may not be considered an addition to the home’s overall square footage, it does add finished space to your home’s property. It will make you, and any future buyers, feel like your home has more room.


Function – A porch addition also provides you and future homeowners an outdoor space. Whether you lounge around or host dinner parties and barbeques, a porch offers you and future owners of your home a place to comfortably spend time outside.

Demand According To Region

The value a porch brings to a house also depends on the home’s region. This makes sense, as homes with porches in areas with frigid winters – like Northern Michigan or Minnesota – will be less in-demand than other areas.


Fortunately, since Virginia has a mild annual climate, getting a porch on a home anywhere in Northern Virginia will benefit you.

HB Home Services: Efficient Porch Installation Services in Burke, VA

The addition of a porch brings a great increase to your home’s value. Many newly-built homes lack one, while older homes that may have one are usually aged and in need of repairs. In either case, you should rely on professional home improvement services, like HB Home Services, for high-quality porch installation services. We provide expertise and skilled hands for diverse home additions and renovations. HB Home Services is dedicated to helping you transform and maintain your home’s integrity. Contact us today at (703) 764-0498 to learn more about our services and get a free estimate.