How A Window Replacement Can Revitalize Your Home and Living Conditions

street view at dusk of a well lit two story house

With the arrival of the fall season in Northern Virginia, it seems that we are experiencing much colder temperatures earlier than ever. It’s natural for homeowners to turn up the heat in their homes especially during the fall and winter seasons. However if you have noticed a slight increase in your energy bills, feel drafts near windows, or see deteriorating seals inside the frame, then it may be time for an upgrade such as a window replacement. With the assistance of professional window repair services in Great Falls, VA, it will ensure that your windows suit your needs and are installed in your home properly.


At HB Home Services, our team of experienced and customer-oriented home improvement specialists provides quality window replacements you can trust. We want our clients to be satisfied with their window investment, which is why we only install Energy Star rated windows over the old conventional wooden frames. Windows not only provide great natural lighting throughout a home but improves your monthly expenses which are perfect before the winter temperatures arrive. Below are just a few benefits that come along with installing new replacement windows.

Increased Savings

When it comes to high energy costs, windows can be the biggest culprit. Classic, single-pane windows perform poorly against extreme weather conditions amounting up to 70% of lost heating and cooling throughout your home. By upgrading to energy-efficient windows, you will save significantly on your monthly energy bills and improve the consistency of your home’s heating and cooling system.

Decreased HVAC Unit Stress

In peak seasons, you either turn up the heat in the winter or AC in the summer to attain a temperature that feels comfortable. With weak window seals, you are forcing the unit to exert more energy to maintain a fixed temperature at a constant rate. This is one way to overheat the unit causing a force shut off or permanently damage the unit. Replacing the frame along with windows will prevent additional stress on the heating and cooling unit.

Improved Comfort

With new replacement windows, you will be able to live comfortably without the worry of the harsh weather creeping in through the cracks. By upgrading to triple-pane glass, your windows will act as a barrier that keeps your interior temperature consistent all day.

Increase the Value of your Home

By making the investment to increase the performance of your windows, you are improving the worth of your home. With an improved steel frame and vinyl housing, replacement windows can have a significantly longer lifespan than the outdated wooden frames. Professional window replacements will benefit you and your home for the better in the colder seasons to come.

Improve the Look and Performance of Your Great Falls Home with A Window Replacement from HB Home Services!

At HB Home Services, we understand that replacing your windows on your own can be a challenge. Our experienced team in Great Falls, VA can provide customized window replacement services you need to help save you time and money by purchasing the right materials and making sure your windows are installed securely.

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