How Do I Know When To Replace My Home’s Siding?

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Your home takes a beating. Between Virginia’s muggy summers, tropical storms, and flash floods, it must endure Mother Nature’s worst moods and threats. Thus, its siding plays an outsized role in shielding your property – while also giving it curbside appeal and a pleasant spirit.

But like all things, house siding breaks down. And when that time comes, your home deserves  a strong, new buffer. At HB Home Services, we take pride in our customers trusting us. As a locally-owned and family-operated company, we know that each home represents a family’s pride and dreams. So, our home siding replacement services help to support the Northern Virginia region that has given us so much.

Below, we describe siding types as well as the symptoms of its decay, which you should be on the lookout for:

Siding Types and Perks

First, note that exterior siding differs from classic building stock (such as wooden clapboard, stucco, and brick). In fact, many folks decide to cover up such material with lightweight siding. This gives the structure an updated look. Several types of siding exist, but the best-known are vinyl, wood, metal, and fiber cement. Choosing a well-known material will yield you a lower cost than rarer supplies (which is crucial in repair work!).

The perks of siding are numerous: since it comes in many colors, it knocks out the need to paint a house. Also, these materials don’t require much maintenance (beyond occasional cleaning) thanks to their durability. And due to popularity, siding comes in all forms and types. In fact, we have previously published a buyer’s guide on our website.

Signs of Siding Decay

With all this in mind, what should you watch for? How will you know when to replace your home’s siding?

This often depends upon the kind of siding on your home. One clue for all types is cracked or loose pieces, which may occur after violent storms and high winds. If it’s loose, split, or cracked, your siding may have lost integrity.

If you have vinyl siding that faded, wood siding that peeled, or metal siding that rusted, you should consider it a sign that the damage necessitates replacement. No matter the siding type, you should contact HB Services and get these symptoms inspected by one of our professionals.

Less Obvious Signs of Decay

Cracks and holes in siding clearly call for inspection and/or replacement. However, other signs aren’t as clear. These still call for professional service.

If any mold, milder, or fungus has grown on your siding, you may have moisture in it. The health risks linked to such growth surely calls for inspection.

Also, interior damage to walls (such as water swell or damage) may stem from a breach in siding. And if you’ve noticed high heating/cooling bills without obvious cause, your siding may be to blame. After all, that outer layer should keep the elements out and comfort in.

HB Home Services: Local and Reliable Home Contractors

Even if we fail to notice it, house siding plays a crucial part for our homes. Its durability keeps out the elements while its appearance may attract approval. But if you’ve noticed your home’s siding falling into disrepair, reach out to your home siding replacement experts at HB Home Services. We are trusted in homes all across Northern Virginia, and we would be happy to help you as well. Call us today at (703) 764-0498 for a free estimate!