How to Build a Backyard Fire Pit

how to build a backyard fire pit 1

How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

A DIY fire pit can be easily achieved with the right tools and approach. Explore the following steps to see how simple it is to make your own fire pit.


Check Local Policies

Be sure to check with your city about any codes you need to follow or permits you may need prior to installing a fire pit.


Choose a Location

Installation should take place in open areas away from natural fire hazards – like low hanging trees – and the immediate vicinity of the house.


Lay Foundation

After deciding on the location, size, and shape of your fire pit, you’ll want to mark the area on the ground with a visible paint, like neon pink or yellow, and dig until you reach a depth of at least 6”. When you have the ground level, mark another circle inside your first circle by at least a foot and lay concrete between the two lines.


Build the Walls

Once your concrete has set, you’ll want to build two walls – the outer wall that sits along the edge of the fire pit and the inner wall that will contain the fire. The first wall can be customized with natural stone while the inner wall should use bricks specifically made for fire pit use. The outer wall should be at least twelve inches from the ground, but consider building higher than that for greater safety and stronger style.


Finishing Touches

After your stones and mortar are completely set, add a layer of river rocks or sand to the inner pit and get ready to invite your friends for a spectacular get-together.