How to Choose the Best Style of Windows For You

renovated bathroom with large window on the left

Northern VA window installation can be overwhelming due to the plethora of window types to choose from. Certain homes look best with certain windows, and certain windows work best for certain needs. How are you supposed to narrow it down to one kind of window? Here are some tips and information on choosing the best window type for window installation in Northern VA:


Common Window Types

  • Fixed windows: Fixed windows are very energy efficient and less expensive than other types of windows because they do not open. Fixed windows do a superb job of letting in light and saving money. However, they not good for people who want to open their windows occasionally. This window type is best for inaccessible areas, such as in places in the home with architectural accents.
  • Slider windows: This window can be opened by sliding instead of lifting. It looks best in contemporary or modern homes, and provides a streamlined look for homes with sliding glass doors. This type of window is efficient for Nothern VA window installation, but requires regular cleaning on the lower tracks.
  • Tilt-turn windows: Tilt-turn windows enjoy popularity in Europe. These windows have a special hardware that allows the user to either tilt or turn, depending on your desired usage. Tilt-turn windows are wonderful for keeping inclement weather, dust and dirt out of your home. However, they are usually the most expensive windows on the market.
  • Double-hung windows: Double-hung windows are the most popular type of windows in the United States. They work best with traditional house styles. These windows open by pushing them up or down, and the screen is mounted on the outside.
  • Casement windows: Casement windows swing open like doors. This type of Northern VA window installation is ideal for people who like opening their windows often, as these windows are easily accessible. They are opened either by hand or turning a crank. This window is best for Prairie-style and contemporary homes.
  • Awning/Hopper windows: Awning/Hopper windows resemble casement windows turned on their side. People who choose these windows for Northern VA window installation enjoy the same ease of opening as they would from casement windows. However, one can leave these windows open during rain if desired. This window type also seals quite well.


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