How to Choose the Perfect Sink for Your New Kitchen

pick the best sink material for your kitchen

Which Sink is Perfect for Your New Kitchen?

When choosing the type of sink you want for a kitchen remodel, it is important to know the differences between materials. Explore the pros and cons of some of the most popular sink types.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a favorite for its durability, affordability, ease of cleaning, and ability to match most appliances. It is typically more forgiving of dropped dishes than harder sink materials. Costs for stainless steel sinks start to rise with added thickness and features.

Copper and Bronze

Copper and bronze sinks offer similar benefits as stainless steel but require more maintenance to keep them bright. These sinks can be expensive. Some copper alloys have antimicrobial properties.

Solid Surface

Solid surface sinks can be made from any combination of materials such as marble, acrylic and bauxite. It is often held together with polyester resins. Solid surface sinks can create a seamless look with countertops. They can stand up to scrubbing but are less tolerant of heat.


Composite sinks are made of crushed stone held together with a resin binder. They have the appearance of a countertop but are more resistant to heat. Dark scratches can be difficult to remove.


Stone sinks, such as granite or soapstone, make for a unique natural look. They are heavy and hard, making them unforgiving to dropped dishes. Custom-built cabinetry is usually required for installation of a stone sink, and regular sealing is needed.
Consider the sink style you want for your kitchen, as well as realistic maintenance frequency. HB Home Services can offer sound advice and assistance for your kitchen remodel.