How to Enliven and Improve Your Basement

master bedroom with television on left and bed on right

Basements can become either dank, neglected spaces or vibrant centers of activity.  Fortunately, you can remodel your basement in many small ways: from changing the lighting to installing all new flooring. No matter your plan, hire a basement repair service to ensure your basement renovation is affordable and done right.

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Below, we discuss ways you can invigorate and improve your basement:

Enlarge the Space with Mirrors

Without design help, basements tend to be dark rooms that lack natural light. Adding mirrors around your basement can reflect light from window wells,  lamps, and ceiling lights. Doing so can create a sense of warmth and comfort, curating a welcoming ambiance for you and your guests.

Moreover, mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space, which is perfect for small or dark basements. This effect helps to “open up” a dim and claustrophobic space.

Install New Flooring

Your basement’s flooring is an integral part of its aesthetic. Cold tiles or an unfinished basement floor can be chilly and unwelcoming. Wooden floors or carpeting can immediately change the look and feel of your basement, welcoming guests with warm, inviting designs.

If a complete flooring replacement isn’t for you, consider adding area rugs or small carpets. Covering the floor areas that receive the most foot traffic helps to combat wear and tear. It also adds a pop of color and personality to your basement.

Introduce New Lighting

Add light fixtures to introduce light into your basement. Unfinished basements have a reputation for lighting via bare bulbs. Elegant lamps, recessed ceiling lights, or even fun neon signs can make your basement the new hang-out in your home

Lighting can make or break the feel of your basement. Consider using bulbs that emit a warmer light. Moreover, consider hiring a basement repair service to install light fixtures in your home efficiently and affordably.

Banish Boring Walls

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Drab basement walls deserve sprucing up. The best way to do that is to add accessories and other pieces of furniture. Items like bookshelves, tables, chairs, and wall furnishings can help transform your walls from boring to beautiful.

Moreover, consider including fun activities to do in your basement. A poker table, foosball table, billiards, TV, or projector will ensure you’ll never be short of activities in your new space. Plus, it’ll encourage you to have guests over more often!

Add Some Plants

Finally, think about adding some foliage to your basement. Large floor plants and small table plants can effortlessly embellish your basement space.

Moreover, they brighten dark corners and can adorn an otherwise unnoteworthy basement. You may consider decorative DIY planters or fake plants to achieve the same effect. It’ll ensure that your basement is a topic of conversation.

Affordable Basement Repair Services Available in Falls Church, VA!

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