How to Keep Vinyl and SmartSide Siding Looking Like New

You took a professional’s advice to replace siding with vinyl or SmartSide siding – the first step toward a more efficient home. Now you want to know how to keep it clean without having to repaint. Cleaning your siding can keep the color you chose looking fresh and new. Protect your investment’s value with these three tips.

Use Mild Detergent to Clean SmartSide Siding

It doesn’t take much to clean and maintain SmartSide siding. When you choose SmartSide siding, you sign up for a relatively maintenance-free option. However, if you notice dirt or dust build-up, you can use a cloth and a bucket of water with mild detergent to clean the siding. Avoid using a pressure washer to clean SmartSide siding, as it can damage or discolor the paint.

Consider Using a Sealant on Vinyl Siding

You’ve invested in Fullback V insulation with your vinyl siding, and want to sit back and enjoy your maintenance-free siding replacement. To limit the times you have to clean vinyl, consider using a sealant, which will protect it from dirt, dust, and normal wear and tear. Use a soft cloth, a long-handled soft bristle brush, or a pressure washer (if you have one handy) to clean vinyl siding.

Know When You Need Siding Replacement

Vinyl and SmartSide siding are durable and don’t require replacement nearly as often as traditional fiber cement siding. However, it’s smart to know the warning signs to keep your home protected and energy efficient. If you notice higher energy bills or see any warped, rotted, cracked, or loose siding, you may need to replace it. Get in touch with HB Home Services for a free siding replacement estimate.