How to Make Sure Your Backyard is Summer Ready

how to make sure your backyard is summer ready 1

Getting Your Backyard Summer Ready

With summer in full swing, families everywhere are moving to the backyard to enjoy the warmer weather. But is your backyard summer ready? Small changes to your backyard can allow you to enjoy the space in entirely new ways. Here are some simple tips and backyard renovations to spruce up your space in no time.

All That Glitters is… Green

Clearing out old foliage can go a long way to making your backyard summer ready. Remove and replace dead plants with fresh plants to give your backyard a low cost makeover.

Add a Pop of Color

Livening up your backyard can be as easy as adding color. If you have a garden, create colorful markers for each crop to add dimension. Alternatively, strategically plant a few bright blooms to make your backyard renovations look more complicated than they really are.

Brighten Up the Night

Installing solar lights in your backyard can provide much needed mood lighting during evening get-togethers. It’s also inexpensive to set up and maintain.

Add New Furniture

A few new pieces in your backyard can have you summer ready before you know it. Adding new chairs or reupholstering to your current lineup is an easy way to score a low cost makeover that will impress your guests all season long.

Tie It Together with a Center Piece

To transform your backyard from drab to summer ready, consider adding a new water fountain or a fire pit – or both! Adding focal points to your backyard doesn’t have to be expensive and can update your décor by years.



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