How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter: Roof Repair in Northern Virginia

snowy roof with large icicles

Even though summer-like weather almost seemed like it would never end, things are finally starting to cool off. November is rapidly approaching, and we will soon be scraping ice off of our windshields and building snowmen. As a Northern Virginia homeowner, you most likely have a long to-do list to prepare for winter. Buy a shovel, chop wood for your fireplace, purchase deicing salt…prepare your roof?

You may not think of your roof as you’re getting ready for the first snowfall, but to avoid potential leaks or roof damage, you should do a little light maintenance. Below are our suggestions for how to prepare your roof for winter:


Clean Your Gutters

No, grabbing a ladder and cleaning muck out of your gutters does not sound like an enjoyable afternoon, but it’s important to get this done before winter starts. Too many leaves and debris in your gutter can cause problems during any time of year, but can be an especially nasty problem in winter. You need your gutters and downspouts to be clear so that ice and snow will pass right through. Leaves will clog your gutters, allowing snow to build up and prevent the passage of water. Even worse, if the leaves and snow freeze together, it will be even harder for water to flow through the next time it rains, and this water may slosh over the side of your roof, land too close to your foundation, and leak into your basement.


Inspect for Damage

A damaged roof means snow, ice, and cool air is more likely to find its way inside your home this winter. While you’re cleaning the gutters, take a second to inspect your roof. Do any of your shingles look old, worn, or cracked? Is your flashing coming undone? Check your home’s interior. Are there water stains on the ceiling? Has your ceiling been leaking recently? If you notice any (or all) of these signs, you can be sure your roof’s functionality is compromised and will need to be repaired. Contact a roof repair and replacement expert to have your roof fixed as soon as possible.

Install an Ice/Water Shield

An ice and water shield is a thin protective covering that is installed under your shingles. This material, sealed when the shingles are nailed to the wood decking, prevents ice and water from seeping through the roof and into your home. This can of course protect you from rain during summer, but is especially helpful in winter. If you are having some or all of your shingles replaced before winter starts, consider an ice and water shield for extra protection.


Have a Professional Roof Inspection

When it comes to preparing for the winter season, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. The best way to make sure your roof can do its job during winter is to contact a professional for a roof inspection. HB Home Services provides roof replacement and repair in Northern Virginia!

Our roof repair experts can complete a thorough inspection of your roof and determine if you need any repairs or shingle replacement. If work is needed, we will conduct repairs quickly and accurately so you can be sure your roof will survive the winter. We offer a variety of shingles in different layers to protect your roof as much as possible.

Don’t risk your family’s comfort this winter. Call HB Home Services today at (703) 764-0498 to schedule your roof inspection today!

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