How to Protect Your Roof from Winter Weather

Winter weather can take a toll on your roof, and if the damage is extensive enough, it may require repairs. Investing proactively to protect your roof from winter damage pays dividends. Homeowners should take some of these steps to protect their roofs before snow sets in.

Prevent and Remove Ice Dams

When the water from melting snow freezes at the edge of your roof, it’s called an ice dam. If you don’t deal with an ice dam promptly, it can prevent naturally melting snow from draining off the roof, increasing the chances of water leaking into your home. While it’s best to prevent ice dams from forming by paying close attention to where icicles form, you can’t always avoid them. You can use a calcium chloride ice melting formula from your local hardware store to help remove them.

Stress-Free Snow Removal

While you can invest in a snow blower, saving you time over a traditional shovel, the easiest way to relieve the burden of snow removal this season is to hire an affordable snow removal service in your area.

Keeping Your Gutters Clear of Debris

Melting snow drains into your gutters and your gutters then drain the water away from your roof and house. If your gutters are full of leaves, branches, and other forms of debris, you increase your chances of blockage, leading to potential roof damage. It’s a good rule of thumb to clean your gutters once a month, possibly more in the fall season.

Although homeowners can take these preventive steps to prevent roof damage, sometimes it happens anyway. In this case, seek out the reliable and qualified professionals of HB Home Services to help you with all your roof replacement needs.