How to Tell if Your Door Needs to Be Replaced

close up of a man using a drill to install the inner working of a door

How can you tell whether it’s the “right” time to replace a door? Fortunately, several signs indicate just that, including a door’s tendency to get stuck, signs of wear and tear, outdated style, or the security liability it presents. Whether you or an expert determines a new door is needed, employ professional door replacement services to handle its replacement process.

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Below, we describe several signs that your door needs replacement:

Getting Stuck

In most cases, you should consider replacing any door that gets stuck. You can also recognize a deficient door by drafts seeping around its top, bottom, or sides. While these problems can sometimes be fixed with a few tweaks to the hinges or seals, reach out to a professional who can determine if your troubles warrant a door replacement.

Wear & Tear

Whether cracking, warping, peeling, or otherwise falling apart, your door may be due for replacement as a result of general wear and tear. This need increases if your door suffered damage from a storm, vandals, or insect infestation. Replace your defective door, as it could undermine your home’s safety and attractiveness.

Outdated Style

You would be amazed by how a new door can refresh your home’s style. Imagine your kitchen flooded by daylight streaming through French doors that lead to your backyard patio. On the other hand, replacing your front door can also accentuate your home’s beauty and curb appeal. Whatever type of door you choose, installing a new one represents a subtle yet significant step toward increasing your home’s value and adding a touch of style.

Security Liability

Be wary of any flimsy or decrepit exterior doors, which are easy targets for unwelcome visitors. This concern is especially important if you live in an area subject to frequent break-ins or severe storms. Stay safe and invest in your and your family’s security with a new, sturdy, and safe door.

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