How to Turn Your Basement Into a Wine Cellar

modern wine basement that is dimly lit

Among the biggest home renovation trends in recent years has been homeowners constructing their very own wine cellar in the basement. After all, renovations offer the chance for homeowners to treat themselves and create a space made for their unique tastes, and among the best indulgences are finely-aged wines. However, putting together such a renovation requires both plenty of vision and experience in planning and designing interior construction jobs.

While you may be able to perform certain aspects of a wine cellar renovation yourself, the entirety of the process can go smoothly with a helping hand from professional basement renovation services, like HB Home Services. Our team has spent over a decade performing home renovations throughout McLean, Virginia, including basements, wine cellars, bathrooms and more. We also offer quality repairs and replacements for numerous external home improvements, such as drainage, roofing, doors, and more.

Below, we discuss how you can renovate your basement into a elegant, highly-functional wine cellar:

Examine the Room Pre-Remodeling

The first thing you should do is to clear out and closely examine every inch of the room or chosen space you’ve selected. Search for any air or water leaks, sources of mold, and other defects that could cause issues for your renovation later on. Check the room’s current level of insulation and sealant condition, especially in your floors.

Create a Vapor Barrier

Add to the room’s insulation by placing vapor barrier plastic sheets on the outermost layer between your home’s foundation wall and the ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ sides of your cellar’s walls–the exterior side being the warm side and the interior being the cold side. This will ensure your cellar will have controlled temperature and humidity and protect your wine from mold and other potential issues.

Seal the Floor with Concrete

Sealed concrete is recommended for wine cellar floors, as other floor materials tend to be porous and susceptible to mold. In order to have the best possible floor for your cellar, have concrete installed or have an already-existing concrete floor treated and coated with the proper sealers and coatings. If you are installing tiled floors instead, make sure you use a  sealant and coating that is compatible with the adhesive that is keeping the tiles together.

Insulate the Walls

Begin furring the walls using 2’ by 2’ or 2’ by 4’ strips of rigid foam board, then put up your insulation in between. This may make the walls appear thicker and offer less room for your interior, but it will be worth it, as proper insulation goes a long way in allowing your wine to age well.

Select an Appropriate Door

The proper door makes a huge difference as well. While you can use almost any material, what matters most is the thickness of the door and the seal around it. We recommend that the door is at least 1 ¾’’ thick for proper insulation. We also recommend that there is a door with enough seal that is audible upon opening and closing the door.

Install a Cooling System

The most important aspect of your cellar is temperature control, which is why you need to install a cooling unit specifically for your cellar. You can either utilize a ‘through the wall’ air conditioning system, which requires some invasive work in order to connect the A/C system that will be in a separate room into your cellar.

However, there are alternatives you can use instead, including a ducted or split A/C system. Research which ones work for your cellar’s available  space and size or contact expert basement renovation services for advice.

Finish with Added Flair

Finally, once you’ve installed all protective seals and equipment into your cellar, you may add the more stylish elements within. If you are painting the walls, make sure you use water-based paints. Add humidifiers to include an extra degree of climate control within your cellar. Have wine racks that match your cellar’s design style.

HB Home Services: Custom Basement Renovation Services in McLean, VA

A wine cellar is a great investment for one’s home, as it is highly-sought after by potential homebuyers, as well as provides a possible source of income through your well-aged wine collection. However, wine cellars are not the only type of addition you can make to your home. Guest bedrooms, children’s play rooms and much more are all possible, especially with the help of professionals from expert basement renovation services like HB Home Services. Our McLean, VA clients have found our open and efficient remodeling  approach to be satisfying and precise in producing their vision.

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