How to Weather-Proof Your Roof

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Roofs tend to be overlooked. Yet, it is probably one of the most important aspects of your home. Loose tiles or tears in your roof can lead to further damage inside your house, increasing moisture levels or giving unwanted pests a space to hide. You can have a sheltering roof free from damage by checking and replacing old tiles until you need to replace your roof. While it is possible for one to do this themselves, hiring a professional can be an easier and often a cheaper process. 


At HB Home Services, we offer years of expert design, remodeling, renovation, and repair experience to customers throughout the Northern Virginia area. Our contractors perform a variety of improvement projects, kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, and most importantly roof replacement services: all through a fast and stress-free operation, resulting in consistently high customer satisfaction. 

Signs Your Roof Needs Weather-Proofing

Weather-proofing should be an important addition to your roof. No matter where you live, you are most likely going to experience some type of harsh conditions. You should know by now, depending on which region of the U.S., what those conditions are; nevertheless, everyone should weather-proof their roofs as a preventative measure. 


One of the most obvious signs when it comes to roof repair are leakages. If you have any damage to your roof you will likely experience a leak somewhere in the house, leaving behind stains in the attic or on a ceiling. Curled or loose shingles are another factor that maybe your roof is not as strong as it could be. By weather-proofing your home, you can rest assured that most of those issues would be resolved.  

Considerations for Weather-Proofing Your Roof


First, you must discern what your roof is made of. This will ultimately become a factor in how the roof is going to be weather-proofed. What is the roof lacking, or how can it be improved to ensure it is as strong as it should be?


Materials Needed

Secondly, you will need the correct materials in order to weather-proof your roof safely. If you live in a rather cold environment, then you are going to need heating cables in the winter to protect your roof against ice. On the other hand, if you live in warmer regions, then finding materials that protect against harsh temperatures and sunlight would be ideal. 


If you need help with finding materials that are right for your roof, or if you would like a consultation, then please contact us. 

HB Home Services: Remarkable Roof Weather-Proofing in Northern VA 

At HB Home Services, we believe that every aspect of your home should be modeled to your preference and made to stay in the best condition possible. That’s why our business is based on offering customer-centric services while providing the highest quality materials at affordable prices. Our roofing replacement professionals have years of experience in communicating openly with our clients, detailing every bit of information they provide, and plotting out the quickest and best course of action toward completing their home improvement project. 


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