How Windows Influence Your Interior Design

Windows: a customizable home feature that adds functionality, adaptability, and resale value to your home. If you wish to have windows installed or swapped out, consider how the replacements influence your home interior’s brightness, outdoor view, light, wall space, and style. Moreover, turn to window replacement services for design insights and craftsmanship when adding or replacing windows in your home.

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Below, we describe how windows impact your home’s interior design:


A shift in brightness can change the ambiance, perceived size, and function of a room. Although natural light may not suit every room in your home—or suit one room at certain times of the day—the presence of sunlight can make your home feel spacious and cheery. 

As you consider adding or replacing windows in your home, determine your desired brightness level. Both the tint and opacity of windows can influence brightness. If you have light sensitivity or plan to add windows to a bedroom, you may want to choose a tinted option. 

For multi-functionality, have Smart windows installed, which come with adjustable tint. Also, bear in mind that tinted windows can lower your energy bill, prevent your interiors from fading, and protect your home’s occupants from UV rays.

Outdoor View

Help bring the outdoors inside with a picture window view. Indeed, properties that boast impressive views have an incentive for featuring such windows. Place them where you can enjoy such views from the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, consider the view neighbors or others may have into your home. Will adding windows compromise your privacy? You can always add window coverings but consider this possibility ahead of time. For increased privacy, you might install small, high windows and skylights in your bathroom. Smart or regular tinted windows can also help preserve your privacy.


Light also plays a role in interior design. As sunlight moves through your home, it takes different shapes and casts shadows. Window design can influence these light patterns and even act as a design element in your home.

Take into consideration where sunlight comes from throughout the day. You might add windows on the east side of your home to let in more morning light or on the west side for afternoon light.

Wall Space 

With so many benefits to adding windows, it can be tempting to trade your wall space for them. But how much wall space do you want in comparison to window space? Do you want to hang art on your walls? Do you need wall space to place furniture against?

Furthermore, consider the size and placement of windows. Keep in mind both the interior and exterior design flows: windows may make sense inside your home but not necessarily outside it. Your window installation designer can help you determine the best design.


As with every other element in your home design, windows offer an opportunity for implementing style. For window installations and replacements, you should align your choice with the overall style of your home. Consider depth, shape, size, frame, and pane styles.

Flush windows offer a modern, minimalist effect, while deep-set windows tend to create rustic charm. Decide whether you want window sills and panes, which tend to evoke a traditional style. Create a unique accent with a circular or peaked window, or make a dramatic statement with an oversized one.

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